Lovable Pets

After the long,blissful day; my favorite moment was when my pets came to rub on my feet and let me know they missed me. My yorkie’s name is Edward and is the most lovable guy ever. He is so smart and pretty much follows me everywhere. I like to refer to him as Joe Pesci from the hit movie,  “Home Alone”. He will bark like he’s a huge mastiff but ends up trying to make friends. He truly is sweet as pie. Then there is Jerrie. She is a rescue. She would hang around outside; so, we started to feed her. We initially named her Jerrie because we thought she was actually a boy. You can imagine the surprise when we found out she was pregnant. She had three pretty babies. She gave birth to 2 striped, 1 orange. We found homes for two but my little Max was not adopted. So, I kept him. One day, I took his picture in a Santa suite to post on Craigslist; his sad pretty eyes just moved me. Instanly, I knew I loved him. How could I give him away? I just couldn’t. He sat at the window missing his brother and sister…so sad… So, Edward became his best friend.

They are the 3 cutest friends I have ever seen. Max with his joyful, ambitious side is the glue linking Jerrie and Edward. I love to see them run all over the house all day and then cuddle together for bed. Just adorable. Showing true love and acceptance. Awesomeness!! Do you have lovable pets? Let’s share how awesome they are!


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