Blank Slate 

The best part of the new year is starting off with a blank slate. The old year has come and passed; you have endured many hardships and struggles but at the same token; have persevered and appreciated those tiny little moments that make life worth living. Many don’t know that I have been struggling for the past 2 months with a broken fibula head in my leg. This injury could not have come at the worst time period; with so many different holidays coming up, and family gatherings I was really really upset. I was also a bit upset on how my employer handle the situation. It’s not like anybody wants to be bedridden… very frustrating. One thing I did notice, is that this injury has giving me time to not only deal with internal issues that I tried to bury, but also look towards new possibilities. Optimism is something that we must all strive for. Having the ability to see the best in our situations and looking towards a better tomorrow can be a great catalyst to achieving one’s goal. This new year I plan to accomplish a lifelong dream …I’m writing a book. I also would like to pick up photography and maybe take a health fitness class such as CrossFit. I want to see how far I can go without allowing the fear to take over…. risk always seems to hold me back. I always feel that I have to think rationally and logically. I need to figure out how to have a balance of both rationality and impulsiveness. I wish everyone the best this year. May all your dreams and goals be reached beyond your expectations. We only have one life; we should make the best of every day; cherish the people that we love; be open to new possibilities; live beyond the box that makes us comfortable and we just might experience something great… maybe even a bit magical.


3 thoughts on “Blank Slate ”

  1. Thanks for this, Jenn. You’ve inspired me to think and then write about how to make the best of ourselves, in large or small ways … every day.
    It’s too easy to wait until tomorrow … after all, tomorrow never comes – it’s always today.

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