Consistent Failures of Change = SAME OUTCOME

Why is it that for many people in the world today; it is easier to live confined to the box that keeps them comfortably warm? I don’t understand why is it too difficult to realize that by doing the same NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR over and over; you’re going to get the same negative results. Why do some always ask for change; cry about change; say, “I want change”; yet, at the same token don’t want to put in the work to change. It does not make any sense. I am very family-orientated. I was raised on them old school values that you do not go against the family. You may necessarily not approve of what the family is doing and there may be times when all you want to do is shake them to try to knock some sense into them; But ultimately, we create a united front and support each other to lift each other instead of cutting each other below the knees. To always hear someone complain about how broken their family is, yet as a leader of the family – the pillar of the family – the head seat at the dinner room table – make no amount of effort to change.

Regardless of whether or not our loved ones find success to our level of merit or not; the bottom line is, it is their success. How can we say we’re truly happy for someone yet at the same token turn around and bash them for not calling, for them not visiting, for them trying to live their lives. We should be so proud that that value of hard work and effort  has been implemented within their lives. Our children grow up and they leave us. Our long-term partner is our spouse – Jesus wanted us to guide our children and ultimately let them leave. Put those wholesome values as their foundation  without any malice or hatred. Some say,”Oh, we’re giving them advice; we’re giving them correction ; we’re giving them the ability to see our point of view ” – will guess what, sometimes our point of view is not the best point of view for them. We should trust that we did our best to raise our children to be the best adults possible. At some point; the growing comes from them not being afraid to explore their potential and dusting themselves off as we encourage them to pick themselves up. Life is hard. Trust me ; it does not need any help from us to make it harder.

Our lives is what we make of it and why should we limit our children to only succeed according to our level of success. It makes no sense. One thing I do not like is the fact that when people in my particular extended family have some hardships with choices they have made,  it is branded on them as if that’s the only thing that makes up their character. When Jesus forgives allowing our past to truly be the past ; undoubtedly, we see the best example of his forever grace. When my brother or sister says I am sorry, I know they mean it and because I know they mean it; I will not dredge up the past. It’s so sad when I see the one person that is supposed to keep this family whole is the one person who instigates.

So sad… But one thing I do know, is that when my two girls are grown; I hope and I pray that their love and acceptance of each other remains unconditional. That they realize that their differences in opinions… the differences in life… there differences in their dreams is what makes each of them unique and precious in the eyes of the Lord and in each other. Everybody has their own level of impact that they create in the family. Their own level of glue that sticks and binds us together forever. I asked this year; to my Lord Jesus Christ; that you give us the strength to see the error of our mistakes; so, that we may strive to be more graceful…more forgiving…more loving ….more accepting…to be uncommon and say I love you versus shutting each other out…I know its cheesey but I remember explaining to my daughter when she was 6; that the “I” in “family” is between letters because the other letters support it & that’s what we do in our home; we support each other…


3 thoughts on “Consistent Failures of Change = SAME OUTCOME”

    1. Yes, I agree. More love and acceptance needs to be given but more importantly, honesty. Honesty to ourselves must come first before we can truly give it to others. Trust when I say that I am proud to be imperfect because it helps us continue to have purpose in life…Well, speaking for myself…

      1. Well said, and that holds true for everybody. We have to practise daily the art of goodness, and constantly strive towards being a better version of ourselves 😊

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