What’s your blog about?

I was asked this question the other morning while drinking a wonderful cup of coffee..it’s the little things that pleases me. The question was asked more as a dig by a certain person who must make everyone feel smaller than them in order for their world to exist. Nonetheless, I simply responded, “Not sure; it’s still in its developmental stages.”

The truth is…I don’t know why I’ve chosen to write. I just know that one night; during my insomnia dilemmas; I felt the urge to get out all the most random thoughts banging around in my head. As I started to write them down; I realized it brought such a sweet release of tension. So, now I sit here thinking, “Do our blogs have to have a direction?” I guess I can create a more themed blog and in time maybe even become a freelance writer where I use my blog for self-promotion. As for now, I’m just going to keep allowing my fingers do the talking. Maybe even post some of my chaotic thoughts I write in the middle of the night…My distrust in people causes me to hold on to such restraint…”How personal is too personal?” “How much of myself do I plan on sharing with the world and will I ever be so bold as to write in a more direct format?” …..Time will tell…


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