Curious Admiration

I came across this image on Pinterest and couldn’t help but admire the sweet, yet intense notion of what appears to be a desperate connection of passion between two people. I’m sure we all have experienced moments when the other’s intoxicating ways causes us to throw all logic out the window; to relinquish complete control with lack of concern of the consequences but rather bask in the personal triumph of such a seductive conquest. I tend to look at art a bit different than most . Some are striking in their own right as they hang in museums of notable artistic legends; However, when I find a piece that catches my attention, I cannot help but wonder what the artist was trying to convey. I try to understand the message within that moment in time. Is it as simplistic in what we see or is there a hidden element to decode…I wonder.


Ostentatious are his words

Smooth like wine…Dense as whiskey…Addictive in nature

His elixir delicately fondles her essence

Flirtatious is his breath, showcasing succulent strength while he Indulges his influence

Enslaving is his fierce power to which she dissipates


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