Best Moments 

Aside from my Patriots winning the AFC Championship; some of the best moments today was all the laughter we experienced with our family. There’s a joy in seeing the kids interact with each other and  also a bit of sadness that as adults; our choices left so many years with little to no contact. The joking and sounds of friendly banter always gets me. Makes me wonder, “How could I have missed how special each of these individuals are.”

Society in general has helped us focus on all the negative. To speak out against things that we don’t agree with. To constantly look for the failures in others, the failures in our political system, the failures in education, the failures in within the environment… I can go on and on and on.

As I mentioned previously, 2017 is going to be the moment to focus on all the love, ambition, and integrity that lies within each and every single person that I interact with. Sure they may have moments that I don’t agree with, but at the end of the day they’re special. We’re special. Uniquely special to this world to; our community.

That very word fellowship now has new meaning the older I get. It is not a time to sit and discuss how somebody has issues or how somebody is not staying in the lane that everybody agrees with. Fellowship is meant to bring the joy and the laughter out of everyone. To show the true grace and love for one another. I know… I know, I mention love, acceptance and understanding quite frequently in my blogs, but I feel it is very important. I feel that our pride can get in the way of us fully developing strong relationships with those around us. Why is it easier to get involved with a complete stranger and build a lasting friendship, but yet, at the same token, with those closest to us, we can’t make more of an effort to accept each other?

Well, I won’t go on another one of my rants but I will tell you this;  “Make this year special. Make It Count. Time is one of those special gifts freely given to us. If we don’t use it wisely… it is lost… never refreshed.”

As you know, I love art. The image below reflects just how time is truly within our hands. It’s constantly flowing but yet, how we choose to mold our lives to the best it possibly can be, is completely up to us…

Time hourglass surreal drawing Wood canvas prints

Graphite pencil drawing

Artwork designed by

EDrawings38 Art&Design 


11 thoughts on “Best Moments ”

    1. I feel art is a reflection of the soul. And the right piece of art can reflect your real emotion. The beauty is; that emotion can change over the years ; so , the very same image that you look at today will mean something totally different 5 -10 years from now.

      1. That’s an excellent way to look at it. That applies to reading too depending on what you read. You can read a poem today and read it 5 years later and may get more out of it.

        Any particular time period of art you like the most?

      2. I personally like the Renaissance Era. It’s something about the flow of movement between people that I find very interesting. The way a conversation is captured. I do look at modern art to; realism, I believe its called.

      3. I can see that – that was a great time period of Art. I remember taking Art History and was quite impressed with the majority of time periods. I love going to an art museum. It’s nice to chat with someone about art. 😊

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