Are you my muse…

Today, I was trying to figure out what topic I was going to write about. Should I talk about the blast my daughter had at the game last night? Or, better yet, should I write about an intense conversation I had with my mother about my dysfunctional family?? As I sit here on the picnic table; I have decide to write about what or who inspires me.

Inspiration comes from a multitude of avenues. It can hide within a smile, beam from a priceless piece of art, radiate from the very presence of a person but the most common is stemmed from our emotional connection we have within that moment. The ability to capture that emotion and allow it to give birth to the creative aspects of our minds; is a unique gift we all possess. Technique is what some of us may lack…

Speaking for myself, I can say that my biggest hurdle is overcoming my restraint. It’s natural for me to hold on to special moments and not share them with anyone. Almost as if they will become tarnished with insignificant static. Learning to adapt to share those moments can be very daunting. Frightening so to speak. Even now, the thought of admitting the fact that I do get anxiety makes me have to take deep breaths and sigh. It takes all my strength sometimes not to hit delete… I hate for others to see me as weak or unable to accomplish something. It irritates me to the point that I’d rather not speak. I just started telling a few people about my blog. For the most part they were supportive; but there was a few stand offish remarks and rolling of the eyes…Especially when they ask,”so, what do you write about?” of course this could simply be in response to my sarcastic response…Besides, I think I have only one person close to me that actually reads my blog.(Thanks Naomi! You’re the best!)

I find it easier to express my thoughts on pieces of art, poems, quotes etc. I enjoy -the charismatic movements of the heart & body. I would assume this may be the same for others…professing the beauty around them versus focusing on the internal storm…which brings me back to my initial question, “Are you my muse?”

As simple as this question seems; it actually hides a narrow complexity to it. Can you say that you took time to make someone smile; to make someone see the world in a different perspective? I am not talking about the superficial layer that gets us by; but rather a more genuine action or choice of words…I cannot say I do that often…I do for those special to me but if you are not in that category; you don’t ever see the real me. To be able to be alone has its strength but also has a brittle foundation as it prohibits me from truly becoming present in the moment.

I thank all those beautiful artist out there. Those  everyday, hardworking people that take the moment for friendly chatter; to share a piece of their happiness in their smile. People with eyes showcasing their strength, weakness, and wisdom. I thank the poets of the heart; for they have found the secret to replenishing the internal youth of love.  I thank those political warriors fighting for our rights and the protectors of our planet as they speak for our future generations. But most of all, I thank you. As you loyally read my post with no judgement; as you take a moment in your day for me…Just know;  you are my true muse. You are the inspiration to finding my creative voice as an effort to share what I normally would deem as mindless chatter to others. This inspiration, has allowed me to begin the process of change. A change to a better me…Words cannot express my gratitude…






22 thoughts on “Are you my muse…”

  1. Ma’am you have seen a lot of life than I have so it’s unfair for me to judge you but after reading this I know how humble a person you are. Like you said that very few people read your blogs, that is something even I’ve gone through. I used to send links to my friends and there was hardly any encouraging move. As I spent more time exploring WordPress I found people like you who express views and and at the same time have so much to be learned from. Have a nice day ma’am.

    1. Thank you; your kind words do mean a lot to me. I read a post earlier from another stating sometimes we have to follow our dreams alone…but its ok…I want to be a writer and publish a novel; I will do it…I’ve given my all to everyone but myself… ♥♥♥☺☺

    1. Thank you, lol I try to keep them short but sometimes my mind escapes me ♥♥ I’m working on a poem so my next one will be but a few lines 🙂

      1. Yes…I’ve started but have hit road block…I guess I’m still trying to figure out who my character is🤔…my dream is to be able to write all day lol not stare at spread sheets lol 😋

      2. Awsome! I just may pick your brain..that is if you don’t mind…and I will get started on that at some point…right now i’m getting my daily dose of bachata and Daniel y Desiree – have you heard of them?

    1. Bachata is a Latin style of music. Daniel e Desiree are professional dancers that exude sensuality, love, trust, passion….I’m going to send you a link… just give me a moment

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