Make a wish on a falling star,

Only to lose who you are,

Dream of dream of the deepest blue,

Gazing upon the newborn moon,

I wish upon that star,

That you love who you are,

Precious are thee beyond compare,

A beautiful gem trapped in despair,

Embrace your imperfections for they are perfect,

For angels weep when you don’t believe,

Let the heavens rejoice for your lasting smile,

As we all  celebrate how beautiful; how precious are thee,

Oh, wishing, dreaming upon a star,

To proclaim how beautifully imperfect you are,

To hold on to what is true as you nod with acceptance to the newborn moon,

You will swim in an ocean of self-love in the deepest shades blue,

As you find a new found solace you never knew,

Make a wish on a falling star, but only to profess who you truly are

This post is in reference to someone so dear to me. The world has a way to make her feel like she is only meant to be subject to ridicule and judgment. There is no truth in that. I have faith, she will find her inner voice. To speak out and let the world know;  She is worth more than anything they have ever shown her. Faith that she will find peace within her own beauty rather than trying to change herself to conform to what he believes; she is perfect because Jesus made her perfectly imperfect to rest in him and not of this world.

Sometimes my heart is heavy with so much sadness. The power of words can cut deeper than a blade; leaving scars etched deep within….and with a flip of a tongue we can change it. We can lift each other up; replenishing what the world has taken…Let’s bask in the love of one another and share a moment of true uplift with those we hold dear… The world is hard enough; let’s not contribute by making it harder…Let’s be a refuge when they feel trapped in solitude…


9 thoughts on “Perfection”

  1. This is a very lovely tribute….💙

    I had a friend who made me feel sorry for her, too. And I would write messages of strength, encouragement, hope, support, much like this one.

    I did this for months and then when I needed some long overdue space, time to myself (just a few days, I asked for), she terminated our “friendship.” Of course, soon after, she’d realized her mistake, but she still knocked me down again.

    This pattern had become our thing. Me being her strength, her taking, taking, taking. It was confounding and emotionally draining. I felt depleted and miserable all the time.

    When I finally saved myself, I felt alive again, strong again, confident again. I felt free.

    But, in spite of all that, I still recognize the kindness in your words here.

    1. Oh, believe me; I know what you mean. I have been there and have lost what I thought was a strong friendship… This person I wrote about is part of my family…the baby so to speak. Not yet free to live her life… But believe me; I have my days when I too need a break…As a scorpio; I tend to hold onto people’s burdens. A costly habit that I am trying to work on…

      1. Ahhh, I’m so glad you explained!

        A completely different context. And quite beautiful, now that I’ve gone back and reread after your reply. 😉

        “Not yet free to live her life….” Gosh, remember those awkward days? Lucky you to know her perspective.

        You have a beautiful soul, my friend.

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