What’s in your Smile?

As I hear the sweet song of a friend’s daughter’s laughter; it reminds me of the sweet innocence true happiness possesses. The twinkle in our eyes as we admire the moment…yes the sappy stuff we see in movies. There is nothing more joyous as spending a few moments with someone special as your face unconsciously forms a smile.

What’s in a smile??? It can be many things… it can hold a hidden truth of remembrance; the expression of a “aha moment” towards the birth of an epiphany; the signal of a romantic bloom; a soothing comfort to rid disappointment; it can hide mischievous thoughts or acts at their finest or deliver seductive invitations…the list can go on and on as the human expression is uniquely communicated specifically the way our human instinct wants.

I personally love to hear the melodies of children’s laughter and the sound of pitter patter feet running through the house…When my god daughters come over; it can mean extreme exhaustion or a recharge of an internal youth. The constant is; they’re so genuine. A child will hold no restraint in their emotions…

So, I ask, “What’s in your smile?”

Today mine’s filled with a mix of endearment, silliness, and excitement for the intuition of something wonderful on the horizon…Not sure what that is but I’m ready to accept it!




Childs Smile

Giggles of sweet delights,

Candied smells of jolly’s,

Sticky hands of enjoyment,

Eyes of twinkling jewels,

Happiness in a bottle freely shared with you.


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