Blind Afflictions

Blind Afflictions

Honeyed words flow like wine,

Succulent sweets,

Hallowed of rotting defeat,

Instilled is  power to which time ceased,

I’m trapped in your world of melancholy,


To what do I do to escape from you?

Is there anything, I can do to prevent your stay?

As I now realize one too many drinks was a costly mistake…


Your words shifting dark, dreary,

Brooding of opposing desolation,

Tension builds of obscure oppression,

Suffocating  in toxicity, my heart races,

My intuition fears of foreboding pestilence,
Should I scream?

Should I Cry?

Should I beg?

“Baby, please… let’s just go to bed.”


I flinch as you race across,

A dominant press, your face to mine,

A sinister glare… my trembling lips whisper “why?”
I get no response,


Just a heated blow,

A burning jaw with cracked lips,

In fetal position, I take your kicks,

Panting and grunting you finally stop,

I’m shivering, I’m crying,  my body shakes,

Awaiting death’s calamity,


Like a flip of a switch, you begin to console

Why do I love you; I’ll never know…





6 thoughts on “Blind Afflictions”

      1. Totally, and honestly I usually don’t have time for reading, while your post caught my eye… It’s something “real” for me. Hope to read you lots, I’m not here everyday, but when I can I’ll read you with pleasure! 🙂

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