Déjà vu


Kewin Cosmos scene from “Solo Quise Quererte “


Déjà vu

Your snap of your tongue

Your pierce of your words

Your ring of resentment

Déjà vu


Your base in your voice

Your strain to my ears

Your lack of restraint

Déjà vu


Your late night calls

Your late homecomings

Your disconnect

Déjà vu


Your stained collar shirt

Your smell of her

Your constant distraction

Déjà vu


Your running out of time

Your running out of lies

Your running out of reasons why

Déjà vu


I know of her

You can’t deny

What you throw away

Will someday, catch your eye

Déjà vu


We’ve survived the past

But we’ll fail the future

My hurt is now anger

Your words are of broken records

Déjà vu


I will be gone

You will be stuck

I will be free moving on to true love

Remember late night, my words rang true

Recognizing Déjà vu


“Solo quería amarte asi Después de que te perdí, aprendí Valorar su ausencia, ya que la conciencia No me deja dormir Pero dime si piensas en mi Como pienso en ti Estoy desesperado Perdiendo el pasado Por favor vuelve a mi” Kewin Cosmos (Chorus)

English Translation –

“I just wanted to love you like that, after I lost you, I learned, to value your absence, since the conscience, It does not let me sleep, But tell me if you think of me, as I think of you, I’m desperate, Missing the past, Please come back to me.” Kewin Cosmos (Chorus)




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