Inspirational Art – Hamish Blakely


Tango Rouge by Hamish Blakely
Beaucoup D’Amour by Hamish Blakely


Today, I was looking up art to add to my collection. Specifically looking for something with a spanish flair of romance.  I went through my carefully mapped out list I created several years ago that keeps growing as new elements draw me to various styles. I came across Hamish Blakey maybe a little over a year ago when I was looking for a piece for my friends foyer. I wanted to share two of his pieces that I just fell in love with. His ability to capture the essence of life in the movement and eyes is beyond beautiful. If you have the time on your hands; I recommend for you to browse his sight. You will not be disappointed.

As you all have read in my previous post; I do believe inspiration comes from many avenues. At the moment; it is pieces of art that captures my eye. It brings me joy to share with you a different perspective of beauty. I’m not too sure of many of you, but I get tired of hearing, reading, and watching the chaos that unravels in the world.

Please, don’t take offense. I’m not saying those unfortunate situations hold no merit. I just need a replenishment of something beautiful which captures the essence of life. I believe it is human nature for us to carry burdens deep within to which they have the power to change or perspective to a negative sight. Many of times we fail to see the beauty that is around… in us. It pains me to realize that at this very moment; while i’m writing this post; there are those whose situation may be life draining…dealing with famine, underserved abuse, stolen rights, war and much much more.

I have learned early on that we may not have control of circumstances but we do have control of our reaction or acceptance. This being said; I choose to try to share what helps me get through those tough times. Sometimes it’s the beauty in a smile, a word, a touch or what catches the eye.

I have no usual poem this evening as Kewin Cosmos sings it best.

“Por su voz de los ángeles”



Vicky Corbacho – “Tiene una voz más allá de las palabras



9 thoughts on “Inspirational Art – Hamish Blakely”

      1. That’s all I can ever hope for… For another to see love has no boundaries 😊😊 I can send you lyrics if you like – translated… 🎶🎶 listening to music is my favorite past time.

      2. It too listen to music in my leisure time but haven’t had that for some time now. It wouldbe good to have the lyrics. Maybe I’ll find something for my next post.

      3. I’ll email you in a sec… Is your email on your contacts?? That’s awesome. You should listen to music even if it’s only for 10 minutes. Music as a way to lift the heart. 😊😏

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