Art Appreciation – Ainhoa Ortez

Below you will see a beautiful piece by Ainoa Ortez. She is an amazing artist from Madrid, Spain that has captured my heart. Her ability to capture the soul through the eyes of her muse is remarkable. “Ella es una divinidad dentro de su corazón que habla a tu alma … Bravo, Ainhoa; Eres una verdadera inspiración!”


Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Ainhoa Ortez 


Love Struck 

With eyes of mystique,

Your charisma, eludes me,

Complexity in your touch,

Why do I need you so much??


Distant chatter, easily rescinds,

Static intentions of unseen frequencies,

To your words my mind instantly attracts,

Why is it that I feel so damn trapped?


Image Edited Through Filters – Photographer Unknown


Lost in your gaze,

Lost to your touch,

Lost to the very essence of us,

All I want ,

All I need,  is confirmation that this will succeed …


Aino Ortez 





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