Inner Triumphs 


Inner Triumphs

Your words brought death,

I was lost without light,

Guided by a fickle flame, holding on for dear life,

Substance was lost,

Emptiness prevailed,

After all these years, why do I even care??


The blow to my cheek burned with fright,

The sting to my eye; wet with crimson,

Flight with no wings, shrieking trembles,

“You better listen!”

To what message,  I’ll never know,

All I remember is each heated blow,


No hugs of love, No butterfly kisses,

No lessons taught, No words of wisdom,

Just echoing thoughts of malicious acts,

Oh, what I would give to get my childhood back,


I’d speak louder than your calculated lies,

I’d tear down all the drapes to give the world a good look inside,

I’d scream for help despite you being pissed,

Oh, what bravery I will have for just a little kid,

I’d stand up to the monster raging within,

Your demons will  tremble, your rage spread thin,

With all my might I’ll scream, I’ll shout,

“You’re — never — hitting — me — again!”


You’ll fall to your knees as shackles hold tight,

With wings of strength, I’ll  finally take flight!


9 thoughts on “Inner Triumphs ”

  1. This is such an intense piece. It moved me to tears. There exists no greater strength and character than that of a woman. Try as they might, no one can take that from you. It’s clear that you have a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing the truth of your experience. ❤

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