ITs Game Day!

This morning I wanted to write about the importance of game day in my household. Last night was brutal so to speak . I was in pain from my nerves around my knee; insomnia kicked in and all those miserable memories came flooding back . But, I am pleased to say that I have regrouped and it’s back to business as usual.

In my book, there is nothing that  a good cup of coffee won’t fix. I always try to take the good from the bad and this morning is no different. Since we go all out for the big games ; it payed off that  I was up so early. I was able to get the prep work ready; try a new blue eyeshadow pallet for my Patriots; hear the pretty cardinal sing on my privacy fence and watch the woodpecker wake up the squirrels. They are so hilarious; it always looks as if they are telling the woodpecker off and the woodpecker just looks at them ; does his chirp and then just bangs away.

Sorry, I did not mean to get off subject. Back to game day. In my house, this is more than a game. Yes, we are huge fans of sports but don’t get us confused with those fanatics that cry or break things because they lose. It’s a big day because the pit will be going with the slow smoking brisket and ribs. Lets not forget the chicken ; sausage dip … Man i’m already getting hungry. I’m soo looking forward to this afternoon. To see everyone laughing, having fun. You know what the  best part is?

My Patriots are in the   ….Yea, Yea , Yea – I know many of you are not fans but that’s ok – to each their own.







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