Oppressed Remnants

Oppressed Remnants

Swollen eyes of tears within,
My soul whispers, “I don’t want this again,”

Flooding memories cloud my mind,

Spiraling…spiraling, I drift down the fabric of time,


Impeding claws of unwanted guest,

Trapped in fear of inner torment,

Enticing Anger, banging at his door,

With one swift memory, shadows shutter to his roar,


Sweat on my brow, heart pounding my chest,

Infected by Anxiety & Fear; losing  control of what comes next,
Under Shadow’s submerge, I gasp for my breath,

Imploding from within as  Misery succeeds,

Another wasted night at the absence  of sleep,


Ticking…tocking, as each minute strikes;

Hope begins to build with the anticipation of light.


7 thoughts on “Oppressed Remnants”

    1. All thank you, thank you. 😁 You know when I wrote this in the middle of the night , I almost just deleted it. I’m still struggling with that fine line of allowing others to read or even experienced anything remotely too personal. But I did make a promise to myself that I was going to be a little bit more open and free with my writing so to speak. To be honest with you I really don’t share half of what I write in my journal 😏 Guess that’s the Scorpio in me🙂

      1. I’m glad you shared it with the world. I can relate to the apprehension as I myself am a Scorpio [Nov. 14 Sun/Asc/Venus/Uranus w/Taurus moon]. Always nice to have fellow Scorpios around 🙂 ❤

      2. Yes it is- most don’t realize the complexity of us. Thry either view us as a dominant, manipulating selfish person or they view us as only as a passionate lover driven by loyalty but fatally flawed with jealousy. Little do they know that that complexity of both put us on a different level altogether. Beyond childish antics driven toward self-destruction to rebuild something beautiful.💕💞🦂 I guess that’s why I’m drawn to your work🙂

      3. You know wzup. My feeling is that Scorpios are the most capable of emotional intimacy. It’s not that we get jealous of others, it’s that we have a deep and intense understanding and offering of emotional intimacy therefore we are astute to lackadaisical affronts to that intimacy. I recently came to this realization. It’s not jealousy but intolerance to affronts to emotional intimacy. Our loyalty is supreme. And our capacity for emotional depth is unparallelled. At least this has always been my observation. ❤ Thank you for understanding 🙂

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