What a Game!!


Can we just say intense! I was so getting ready to write a reflection piece but this game is driving me crazy – could the highs and lows get any more ridiculous???  I mean even as I am writing this; my heart is pounding in my chest. We are so down . I don’t ever remember a time when my Pats played this bad in a Super Bowl game. @SportsAddict712 keeps me going…”be optimistic” he says – “We need a pick 6 or something right now” … ” It’s just a rough night”… Little does he know ; our conversation was a lifeline for me. I was going nuts; anxiety was so thick that I had to be on Twitter. I couldn’t wait the few seconds between plays anymore… Pacing ; fidgeting taking deep breaths – nothing worked. The anticipation was too strong.

TOUCHDOWN!!!!  Oh, my head is about to explode! Can this be?? Is my Brady ; my general, going to make history tonight???

Do I have doubt in his skill?? Hell no. I know what my boy can do… I have to take a deep breath to calm down a bit. The noise around me seems to fade. I am transfixed into every call; every play; every yard…

Can I be seeing this…My general making it happen??? YES ITS GOOD !!! TWO POINTS, BABY!!!!  This is a FREAKIN GAME! 

“MY  B–R–A–D–Y , BRING IT HOME,” is what I am shouting! Interception  -on,no wait, out of bounds . Final 3 seconds ; overtime is inevitable. The tensions grows and I swear I need a doctor on hand. My chest burns with anticipation!! My sanity is holding on by a thread.

We move the ball ; Amendola catches…What a catch. Fourteen yard completion. Brady throws ; Hogan catches. At this point I am biting my nails. Down the gut ; Edelman catches at the 25 . Hogan runs it to the 15…my eyes are glued to the TV and I’m hopping around with my good leg LOL. The excitement is riveting… White; Touchdown !!!!

WE WON – BEST COMEBACK EVER!  My house is on fire! Everyone hugging;  cheers rolling around ; phones blaring …Doing what I do best I take a moment in the corner of the living room and I just bask in the joy that is filling this room.

Genuine smiles of contentment ; everyone raiding the food…life begins again as everyone has a new charge lit by fuel of the glory to overcoming the odds…It’s like we were on that field; sharing the frustration ; the anger ; the doubt ; but, oh how sweet to achieve the ultimate goal of Super Bowl Champs!

My team manages to make history again!! What a game…All I hear from commentators – never before; never before ; never before…My eyes dance with admiration. A smile fixed on my face to which I know the devil himself couldn’t take away even if he tried . Meeting a life long friend with the same devotion to the Patriots was the highlight of the night… shout out to @SportsAddict712; I look forward to share more games and highlights with you!

Dropping a couple , I go on a shopping spree… I’m sure I will complain in the morning but right now it’s so worth it!

Even after a few minutes ; my hands still tingle from the claps; my heart’s still racing; I feel like I just went through a traumatic series of emotions… Words truly do not describe this the feeling of awe i’m experiencing right now. Yea, I know some of you view it as just a game and in many ways you are right. For fans surrounded by negative critics ; always keeping faith in our team against all odds – it’s amazingly satisfying to witness New England’s success…


  • 5 RINGS – Need I say more!!
  • Most pass attempts (62)
  • Most completions (43)
  • Most passing yards (466)
  •  Fourth Super Bowl MVP – Passing Joe Montana
  • First quarterback with 3 Super Bowl fourth quarter comebacks



“You know, we all brought each other back,” Brady said. “We never felt out of it. It was a tough battle. They have a great team. I give them a lot of credit. We just made a few more plays than them.” Brady





9 thoughts on “What a Game!!”

  1. Incredible game! I live in Atlanta and was sitting next to Falcon fans. I really didn’t care who won I thought going into the game the Patriots would win due to experience. The Patriots wanted it more and it showed. Tom Brady cemented his legacy.

  2. OMG! I am so glad I saw this just now! Right? That game! Bleh….a black pall settled over my living room that day as the taunting from the other side was barely restrained.

    And then a MAD eruption of glee and triumph!!!

    You captured the essence so well! Glad to relive the memory from this post, my friend! 💙

    1. Yes it was an emotional rollercoaster and when I sit and think about it I still get the same emotions – if I could I’d run down the street with w blow horn lol 🤗🤗🤗

      1. Lol I know… Me and my bum leg lol…😄 you should’ve of seen me that night – I felt no pain lol i sure did the next day- all that hopping on my good leg lol 😄😄😄 oh, but they were worth it!!

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