Abating Love


Awakening by Loui Jover


Abating Love 


I don’t know what to do,

But, I do know you,

I don’t know what to say,

But typical, you always act this way,


When I doubt me,

You always, prove true,

When I trust,

You remind me, why I started to hate you,


I thought I could forgive,

But the site of you makes me sick,

I thought I could believe,

But your truth, I’ve never seen,


You are my constant,

A burden with no filter,

You are my constant,

A mask of shameful bitter,


I don’t know why,

But, you were always a thorn to my side,

I don’t know how,

But, you need to get the fuck out,


Out of my mind, as you rot it with despair,

Out of my eyes, as you burned them with acidic tears,

Out of skin, as your touch numbed the senses of sensuality,

Out of my breath, as it is now of you; toxic fumes,

Out of my heart, as you have driven it cold,

Out of my soul, as it has been eagerly waiting, to finally let you go,


Loui Jover  









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