Power of Words


My phone does not give it justice ; but even through this faulty lens you can see how bright the moon was.


Last night, my daughter and I sneaked away to gaze up to the iridescent moon. Laying on the cold earth; a sense of tranquil peace whispered in the wind. Observing her for the first time witnessing the beauty of the moon’s touch as it luminates a world not easily recognized; was awe inspiring for me. Listening to her chatter of angles and depths of texture made me very proud. When did my little girl develop this perfect site of pure adoration?

The eyes of a child truly fascinate me. They are not tainted by the harshness of this world. They have not tasted the art of manipulation as we as adults, will routinely attempt to create veils…filters… to make life a little bit easier. After what seemed to be just a few seconds away from the rest; we were coaxed to return.

Observing my surroundings; I couldn’t help but keep reverting to admiring the moon. I was trying to decipher whether if it was the moment with my daughter or some scientific reason as to why it appeared to be brighter than usual. It could have very well have been the fact that we inadvertently always look straight as we live or down as we become transfixed to your phones.  Either way; I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the dissolution of an answer.

Luminous shimmers of silvery whispers to nearby stars. I sat with such admiration combined with a deep understanding of self-awareness. Flipping through a catalog of collected “Words of Wisdom,” tucked away in a vault deep within my mind; only one seemed to radiate, pushing its way to be spoken. As if cosmic forces were in sync with my very soul, I’m asked, “What are you thinking about?”

A smile of deep intent, I give the words their rightful birth. “Purity and impurity depend on oneself; no one can purify another,” I reply.

I love how I get nods of acceptance but the eyes always relfect deep thoughts of confusion. I knew later that evening our talk would consist of the origins of my reply. Which brings me to why this has stayed with me over the years.


Moon over Knockadoon from Garryvoe  by Niall McCarthy


I am an avid reader with interest which ranges to more genres than I can count. I’m constantly reading everything from novels of unacquainted love, to in-depth biographies, attributed to the profound works of some of the most influential people of the past, present or potential future. This particular phrase was read when I had to write a paper based on three different cultures with a focus on the origins of their religious beliefs. I will not get to detailed on the research as I am sure you will deem it to be a bit lacking. For myself, it was one of the few meaningful assignments that I have ever worked on.

This phrase was from the Dhammapada. The Dhammapada is a collection of verses spoken of by Gautama Buddha himself. This particular line among many resonated within me, as it connected with my belief of how self-preservation remains dependent to the internal shifts of lessoned learned or emotions afflicted by life itself.

Society has a way to encourage shifting blame on our surroundings or people of interest. However, the truth of the matter is, accountability of our own actions must be measured. Sure situations may lead to the chastised pestilence of our antagonistic behavior, but one cannot deny the true intent of our own heart; as it is the catalyst to our spoken word…our interactions towards others and the afflictions to ourselves.

I’ve always been appreciative of exploring different perspectives towards life. The power of words owned to a select few; I harbor close, as they become etched to the very fibers of my heart. If given the opportunity,  words can have the power to break all barriers as they merge with the soul. Below is the excerpt in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it the way I have, as they are words which can be appreciative by the human aspect residing in all of us.


Purity, Impurity Self-Created


 By oneself is evil done,

by oneself defiled,

by oneself it’s left undone,

by self alone one purified.

Purity, impurity on oneself depend,

no one can purify another.

                               Dhammapada: 165 Gautama Buddha

5 thoughts on “Power of Words”

  1. Great post on this subject. I particularly liked your Buddha quote. Just goes to show, we control our universe, no one else! We are part of a much bigger story that most of us don’t bother to try to fathom. It’s nice to see you do!

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