Renewing Peace

Celestial by Wendy Ortiz

Renewing Peace


Luminous glow,

Fluttering peace,

Cooing wind,

Earth’s embrace under my feet,


The path unknown,

Not easily seen,

A sonnet of your call,

As you await me,


Vivacity of my soul, consistently misconceived,

Tainted, tarnished of another’s predestined belief,

Disregarded, lost in the realm…realms of wordless seas,

Under your pastoral gaze, a weeping heart sings,

The essence of my soul, ambivalently accepts, the  majestic oddities of your divinity


18 thoughts on “Renewing Peace”

    1. Glad you like☺ I decided not edit my work as much anymore; if people get it , they get it and if they don’t , it’s okay. As long as it makes sense to me.☺ my best friend that I wrote about on my other post came to visit me and she scolded me with, “you need to stop dumbing down your poems” .. ” I don’t see you through them sometimes”

      1. I agree with you ma’am. What we write in blogs are thoughts that grow in our minds, even if someone has a question we can answer them because we know what we are talking about. When I prepare my blogs, I randomly ask one of my friends to read and give me a feedback, I do this to know if I have been repititive and too predictive. I do get a lot of suggestions, like write this or what that… Eventually I publish my thoughts, and I’m always ready to be challenged, it’s when I get questioned that I learn my mistakes. I follow the “make the mistake and learn from it” theory!

      2. 😄😄 yes, I get it… I have learned with these two days being around her that I need to just be free with my writing – I have jounals full of different ideas but I never really share or I share a fraction – its almost like that feeling of not wanting to share a new toy as a kid… Not wanting it to get ruined or lost 🙃 I’ll get there…great perspective! 😄

      1. You’re well on your way. I understand that “letting go” thing. Man, inspiration, right? It’s everywhere!

        But letting go can be more challenging. Social constraints, consideration for others, etc. Just a couple of the inhibitors.

        But, I have to tell you, from where I sit? You damn sure got this! I’m a fan. ❤️

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