F*** This Day

La Diabolique by Francoise Nielly

F*** This Day 


F*** this day, is what you say

Well, I say… f*** you and your idealistic ways

Your presumptuous arrogance, your boastful reprise

F*** you and your world, to whom, I now despise


Fake hellos; true goodbyes

Your lost in your own web of superficial lies

False glimmers of a hope cannot deny

Vacant thoughts…Soulless eyes


So, you see me… I see you

You try to lie… But I’ve always have known the truth

I’m your reflection, of what you can’t deny

A constant reminder of skeletons, you’ve failed to hide


NO, LETS BE REAL… It’s not F*** this day

Its f*** US and Our idealistic ways

Our presumptuous arrogance, Our boastful reprise

F*** Our world, cause we’re good at our own superficial lies


8 thoughts on “F*** This Day”

  1. wonderful post.Yes somewhere people have stopped being themselves to please others.Life would be much more simpler if people learnt it was okay to have flaws and realising flaws doesn’t make them. Such an inspiring post Jen,expecting more of this genre in upcoming days..😀

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it… Yesterday was rough and being around the extended family made me see through all the BS so to speak… I was nervous to post it since I usually don’t use language like that in both writing and speaking – but there are times when that’s all I’m feeling at the moment😄😄 no other words to use😄😄

      1. It’s not about the words , it’s the pain or sadness beyond those that matters the most.offcourse there is no wrong in using such words i wanted ask you that in the first place.Feel free to chose your words no matter what other thinks 😊

    1. 😄😄😄 oh yes I was so pissed when I wrote that… I even try to change out the language but it was no other way to express it other than the series of cuss words left and right!!

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