Looming Death

Throne Under a Dying Sun by Mario Wibisono


Looming Death


At a loss…I sit and ponder,

My mind transfixed,

My soul timidly wonders,

Haunted by the shackles abound,

Death’s knock; TAP! …TAP! …RAP! …TAP!


No words to speak, no shudders to shriek,

Icy winds whisper… a devilish deceit,

I know not why he’s here, or who he seeks,

A distant fear… could he remember me???

To the shadows I quickly stir; mind panics … eyes a blur,


His chilling hands pierce my heart,

My heart leaks of wicked remorse,

Tears of anger quickly fills,

No compassion, just remembrance of your sinister thrills,

Death remembers…Reminds me well,


We sit transfixed…paralyzed with gloom,

Both awaiting a merited doom,

Grins of despairing anticipation,

I now know why he’s here;  I know now who he seeks,

Sitting, waiting because for once… it’s not me…


7 thoughts on “Looming Death”

    1. Thank you… I’m sure I’ll regroup this evening and go back to my writings of love and acceptance… This all I had tonight…

    1. It was… surrealism at its finest … it’s funny how now I can look back at the very same day and it feels like a distant memory… Like someone else’s tale versus my own😏 trickery of the mind I guess.

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