Soothing Renewal

Between Across and Beyond by Tomasz Alen Kopera



Soothing Renewal


The dawn of new light, gently confirms, Your Alive;

The winds chilling snap, tracing my skin, helps me reminisce, What It Is To Live,

The constant battle between the sun’s warmth and the crisp wind rolling across my skin; a soothing reminder, Nothing Quite Fits In;

With gentle strokes through my hair, Mother Nature always reminds me, I’m Here;

In a vast world ridiculed with judgmental deceit; I find solaces as She Has Always Accepted Me;

I may never know where my true place is;

I may never have those roots planted deep within;

A constant nomad with the shifting of light, I am,

A constant battle deep within, seeking, searching for the right to co-exist

With the rolling lips of a mockery grin; Mother Nature whispers, “There you go again”

I humbly oblige with gentle nod; a smile of sweet contentment,

A rejoicing heart for true acceptance deep within,


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