Love; as simple as it’s spelling; holds more mysteries, to which the only one to decipher them is the heart itself. The rational mind can recount multitudes of ideas as to what love truly means; however, in reality, there truly is no one specific definition. No truth can ever truly be described through words. Love is an emotion which resides within. Fueled by the eyes of deception, the ears of selective hearing and the mouth filled with the sweet lusters of the romanticism within beautiful sonnets.

Holding the power to tantalize all senses to the brink of insanity; Many would argue, Love has no mercy…I like to believe in the alternative. To join the many who describe love as awe-inspiring as it releases a sense of euphoria to which no sedative will ever compete.

Love always played its role throughout the course of history. Leaders, with love of their country, waged war to protect her innocence. The rebellion of nations stemmed from the sorrowful cries of those tasting the bitter aftermath of love being misused. Love has even been used as a powerful influence to get one’s way.

Cupid & Psyche by Sabinerich


The Greek civilization depicted love as a multitude of magnificent winged gods. Erotes are what they were referred to. Each winged god had their own level of talents to influence the heart. Commanding the hidden chambers of the heart to open its gates; allowing the heart a taste of the true freedom of unrestrained expression.

Eros with his bow; shooting arrows to the hardest of hearts. Replenishing the sorrows of the broken. Inspiring the soul to transcend beyond the barriers of rational. Mischievous grins. Stirring the pot when we don’t want or is ready for him to do so.

Yes, Eros is my favorite today.

Blond Light by Bruno Di Maio


Because without the might of his strength, as he wielded his bow; my eyes would’ve remained shut; 

Without the pierce of his arrow within my heart; life would cease to exist, as my soul enjoyed the solitude of dormant isolation;

Because without being found by his gaze; my heart would never have felt the warmth of his touch;

Without his warmth of admiration; my ears would never notice the whispers of sensual sonnets;

Because without the vivacity of life coursing through my veins, I would have never tasted his sweet elixir as it quenches the thirst of passion; 

Eros is my favorite today but tomorrow is a different story. Just like I mentioned in the beginning… Love has many shades. Some sweet of innocent charm; some filled with enticing lustful desires. Either way; Love is something to remain open to. The joy is allowing your story to unfold. So, I tip my hat to Eros for Valentine’s Day is his day to shine!


19 thoughts on “Agápi”

  1. Another Wow! I’ve noticed one thing that you are very fond of art…All your posts have some really amazing paintings, and those words out along with them just create an aura that takes the reader into a different world. Amazing as usual!

    1. Oh thank you!! And yes I do love art. .. All kinds m. I’m always admiring artist for their ability to capture what the eye cannot!!! Wish I had that gift!! 😄😄

    1. ☺☺ I still need to work on the one I was going to post yesterday but time got away from me 🙂 that makes me happy that you enjoy reading my post as I do enjoy yours!!

      1. Not even no fudge?? You should always get yourself a treat…work is work but certain days should have fudge…😄 …makes a lighter pep in the step ☺… If I could I’d send some from this spot Center Point Station here in town… Amazingly good 😄

      2. Lol — doesn’t need to be priority but a treat is good …. I can tell your studies and work require you to view things differently… That’s good but can be better with fudge 😉 lol sorry had to throw that in😄

      3. Could very well be – ☺ for me ; its Sundays – I enjoy the peace of silence and hot coffee. Less visitors – no appointments – good days ☺

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