Eternal Devotion



Paola On The Couch by Fabian Perez



Eternal Devotion 


Oh, I am bound to you as the day is bound to the night;

The wind glorifies your curves, Tracing every line of perfection;

The sun rejoices, Basking in your innocent adoration;

The moon covets,  Transcending your passionate seduction;


Ah, yes I am bound…

Fused to cosmic forces beyond my control;

Addicted to the intoxicating chaos of your enticing sedative, to which there’s no elixir of remedy to be found;

Only the entanglement of our lascivious apex, our bodily obsessions, brings fleeting succor;


Yes, captive to your Amorous Hymns of delectable consents, my heart will remain forever shackled.



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