Insta- JAMS??? WAAA?

Hello guys, so tonight I’m going to take a different approach to the usual poems or self-reflections. I want to share with you an artist that I have come to enjoy… He is not an artist of pen or paint… not an artist of instruments or vocals but he does have an ear to fuse melodies of different genres.

I am pretty sure many of you are familiar with Instagram and the ease of connecting with others. Many use it for frivolous interest but there are those who use it more to promote their craft. I personally joined recently for similar purposes in the next few months and to connect with some family members from other cities. Insta has similar tools for loading pics; videos and live streaming as any other social media sites.

I have joined several live streams and most of the time; only stay on briefly. Most of the time it’s because the topic deems to be frivolous to which I don’t waste  my time.

This was different… they were hilarious and engaging…And you can request songs for them to play lol… It was as if you were at their gig with them…The music was awesome… seconds turned to minutes; minutes turned to the longest I had ever stayed on a live feed… LOL we all (meaning others that were live and Weslyn and his cousin…I believe )  had a great time. Almost felt the way you hang with friends…the only thing missing was a good slice of pizza and a beer….oh wait ; I don’t really drink anymore… so we’ll just replace that with some Pepsi…

We were on so long that Insta kicked us off lol… I couldn’t stop grinning at how fast time flew by…Nonetheless, this may be your cup of tea; it may not; I just wanted to share his mixes with you guys. This is not what was played this evening but it was a combination of styles…


Shout out to Nylsew — Had a blast; Looking forward to kicking it soon!!





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