Living a Life of Purpose


Albert Einstein by Roberto Bizama



 “I have no special talent; I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstine 


Living a life of purpose can be challenging in a society of superficial changes. Yesterday, I was trying to have a conversation with my niece and she couldn’t look up from her phone… constantly swiping for updates. I literally had to scold her for being so rude… I said; “If you ask someone a question, at least look at them for the answer!”

We got into a debate on the importance of self-growth and filling our time with quality versus empty pleasures… She just turned 16 so you can imagine her response… It really made me question how much time do I spend on useless chatter or procrastination. The truth is, there is no grand secret to creating a life of purpose; just plain common sense. Opening ourselves up to have the passion for standing for something, only derives from exploring new perspectives as we learn something new.

Taking a moment to “audit your time… asking yourself,  How much time do I spend daily for internal growth?;” can help get the process going. I’m sure we all have moments when we could have benefited to learning something new… imagine the hopeless dreamer for a moment. They constantly sit and dream of a life they would love to have; a life that will cease to exist if they never take that step. The amount of time they are sitting, dreaming of this fairytale … they can be learning skills to achieve it!

My niece wants to be a fashion designer with a focus on organic materials. I think it’s a brilliant idea as I love to hear of her passions in life. I asked her,”Have you done your research on the materials you would like to use?” She answered, “No.” So, my next question was “Oh, but you’re studying the basic fundamentals of fashion and the human anatomy, right?” The silence filled the room as she gave me the look of defeat. She now knew where I was going with this.  I grinned and gave her the respect I knew she needed at that moment. I said, “Mija …I love you as you are always a part of my family … my little girl that I raise from a distance, but there comes a time in life when our dreams will stay that of a dream if we do not give them life! Why, do you hesitate?”


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and the strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” H.P Lovecraft


A simple phrase I know all too well, filled with the power to crush a young person’s belief of themselves, was uttered as tears flooded her beautiful, almond eyes. “Because she says I’m nothing… I’m just a mistake in this world tía and she reminds me every day.”

Let me just tell you how much my heart broke to see her hurting… Showing her strength; I held my tears and told her… “That’s a matter of perspective and for me sweetheart; you know you are perfection. I love you and will always help you but you have to learn how to help you, inside…that’s a journey that I can’t share with you; as it is uniquely personal to you.”


“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” Edgar Allan Poe


After a few more minutes on the subject; we came to an agreement. Since I work from home; every day after school, we will correspond via text, email, phone or in person and discuss fashion, materials, textures, patterns etc…Purchased her a couple of books from the local store down the road and she left with a new light in her eyes… the truth is; we all have the power to influence another no matter where our paths take us. WE should make the best use of ourselves every day. Words from the heart can heal, inspire and many of times truly hurt… Remembering there is someone always on the other end is important.

The issue is, we will never get to experience growth if we never crack open that book; travel to a new town…take a moment to experience life at her fullest. The phone, tablet, and computer are just a meant to be a temporary view of the world. Human instincts drive us to be curious by nature so, why not try to take those moments as fuel to learn that new “thing” you’ve been wanting to learn or visit that “place” you’ve been wanting to go. Experiences give us an understanding which could be used to inspire others or, like in my case, provide comfort. Either way; it’s how we channel those experiences that count. So, step out of your comfort zone and learn something new! As always; feel free to drop a line or two about something new you are learning.







9 thoughts on “Living a Life of Purpose”

    1. Me toooo🤗 if only I had an assistant! One like Jarvis from Iron man … Oh, how much easier life would be… Sending lots of well wishes your way!!!! 💓💞💞💓

  1. Life is all about balance ~ we all evolve and slowly figure out what is important and what isn’t. That goes hand in hand with age too, what you wanted or thought was important at 16 isn’t as important at the age of 30 so it’s a challenge to have a teenager see it from an adult.

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