Inspirational Strums




Inspirational Strums

The twisting words,

Moveable beats,

Shaking of my hands,

Losing control of my feet,

The heart sings of your enchanting melodies,

Chords strum of instinctive flair,

Enticing Euphoria, running his hands through my hair,

Sweating…smiling…swaying hips,

The soul rejoices a harmonic bliss,

No care of this world…just the sweet tonic of tuneless lips,

Inspiration ignited through each bewitching riff,

A gentle mystique… impossible to resist,

Addictive in nature, yet no demise,

Just youthful rejuvenation, of tired, soulless eyes,

Life’s rebirth…one cannot deny,

Sparks to a lifeless heart,

A heart once cold, brattled by the dark,

No longer lost in Distant’s haze,

Just transfixed on each new rhythmic phase,

Strumming… gliding…a soulful call,

A perfect peace, with no cares at all.



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