Words of Influence

A few weeks back; I mentioned the following in the post titled, Are you my muse?

 “Inspiration comes from a multitude of avenues. It can hide within a smile, the beam from a priceless piece of art, radiate from the very presence of a person but the most common are stemmed from our emotional connection we have within that moment. The ability to capture that emotion and allow it to give birth to the creative aspects of our minds; is a unique gift we all possess. Technique is what some of us may lack…”


This simple choice of words has held true the past couple of weeks. Exploring unchartered waters with sheer curiosity as my rudder. Casual chats have held more merit than expected. Sometimes, the smallest interaction can lead to a lifetime of gratitude. Simple hellos leading to the best of connections…You know, not many people can surprise me. I know; I know; I write a lot about letting go of “restricting” assumptions; but, as a silent observer; many of times, I can figure out where the conversation is going to go or what the outcome is going to be.

I went to a meet and greet with a local artist to help her write a piece for her upcoming showcase in Austin, TX. She was the most down to earth person that I have met. Sipping her coffee, sitting with much enthusiasm as she explained the message she is trying to convey. Words of encouragement as we shared doodles on a napkin; have lead me to enjoy a new hobby. A new skill; that I always viewed as impossible for me…

My first image was not the best as it was supposed to be of me thinking…LOL the proportions were all wrong. One day I will try that one again. My second challenge was to be based on who or what is providing inspiration. Well, that was a little tough…do I go with a dear friend; do I go with a family member; am I even inspired at the moment???

Staring at the email for what seemed like an eternity, I decided, I needed to hear some music to get the brain working. Who would have thought that I’d be so blind to the answer? Tossing a ball in the air I began thinking of paintings I just visited here in town…then it hit me. One image of an artist that was currently blaring through the speakers that very moment. On instinct, I decided to rummage through Insta for the image in question. I started working on it …To my surprise, it actually came out pretty good…I was proud of it. To think every stroke felt just as natural as my admiration for his work. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and let him know…Who would have thought; he’d be just as equally appreciative of my work as I was to my completed task. Humble of a heart, modesty showcasing integrity at its finest. I now, have a new found respect not just towards his artistry but for him as a person…Let’s be honest; when a person so talented actually thinks you’re the one talented and who flips the switch, to give you compliments… who wouldn’t be flattered…honored???

 Coming to a close… I would like to reiterate the power of our words. We do share influence even when we don’t intend to. Simple acts of kindness can have lasting moments for another. These two interactions have created the foundation for what I would like to believe to be great a great friendship… Below you will see a music video; highlighting his work… he is not the one singing…he is the one creating the mesmerizing guitar riffs…Hope you enjoy the music just as much as I do! ( I would love to post some of her work but since the images are what is supposed to be in the show; I will not be able to until she gives the ok)

Upcoming 3/10/17 Keep a look out…


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