Done…Enough Said

Pay attention when someone reacts with anger or hostility to your boundaries. You have found the edge where their respect for you ends…I’m Done! (quote from Pinterest) 


“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” Aristotle

Being real can be a bit brutal but it is one of if the best things you can every give others but most importantly, give to yourself. Consideration can only get you so far. Especially if the other person is genuinely clueless of what they are doing… sure we don’t want to pick battles that we know are not going to change anything… but sometimes; I do get great relief letting that Sh*t out.

I mean seriously, just because I’m polite sure as hell does not mean I won’t get real with it. If I come at you correct and grown; a rational; a sane person, should respond the same. I can tolerate many things, but lies… no…  I just can’t wrap my mind around it.

Being truthful should be the norm as an adult. Unfortunately, some are so wrapped in this superficial life; the lines of reality and delusion are permanently blurred….ok, maybe not permanently; I do have faith people can change at some point; I just don’t want to waste my time waiting for that day to come.

The money will come and go but your integrity is what defines your character. I for one actually do care of the impression I leave with others … most days at least… I have to be honest…today, I didn’t give a damn who was in the room… Not very proud of my delivery but things needed to be said… At the very base of all these negative words ricocheting in my head… Only two stand out… I’m done.

Done with the lies. I’m done making excuses for your behavior…Sometimes the best remedy is to stay away… why bring out the ugly in each other when the toxicity of the combination of us… just errodes who we truly are… When resentment turns to pure hate… the soul cries as the heart slowly dies…becomes cold, lifeless…indifferent. Life is too beautiful to be surrounded by such negativity. I refuse to do it anymore. Time to revamp a few things. After all, everything we complain about in our lives is fixable by only one person…ourselves.



In closing, the only thing I should say is… PLEASE BE HONEST  IN EVERYTHING YOU DO AND SAY. Especially to yourself. I made the mistake in helping when I knew in my gut; it was going to be a disaster. A narcissistic person is always a narcissist despite however many tears they shed…I guess, in the end… Speaking for myself, the basic expectation of human decency can’t be depended on anymore… I mean really, are we supposed to second guess everyone’s intentions??? Prepare for some hidden agenda??? I for one hate playing games; so, you can trust; there won’t be any coming from my end…

“My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake.” Aristotle


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