Trying to Make Time



So, I have been meaning to get online and catch up on my reading and to drop a few lines… Time just gets away from me when I least expect it. This week has been crazy busy… doing a little freelance work… speaking to lawyers for the issue with worker’s compensation… school… to be honest… life in general has been hectic.

I try to stay focused but lately ; I just can’t. I’m not sure if its because of the new workload or if it’s just the meds I take… Either way, some days I wish I was as smart as Doogie Howser and as efficient as Jarvis from iron man…

Well, on a positive note… I just created a FB account to watch an artist live. I never did have an account because everyone I know gets into sooo much drama but I have had the privilege to catch up with old friends… make new connections and watch the live streaming of my favorite group right now… I’m sure you know who that is since I tend to post videos… In case you do not know; its Kewin Cosmos… Who will be dropping his new track on March 10… Keep a look out because I will be posting that soon!

On a side note… I have been getting better at my sketches… I even have a couple that I’m working on slowly so they can be perfect… well, as perfect as they can be…  I think I’m at 7 portraits so far and 4 drawings of random concepts.

Big news… I’m taking a trip back to Chicago! The only place that ever felt like home as I moved so much when I was little… I will be taking the 15 hour drive Wednesday morning and trust I will be doing lots of reading on the way! So, my loyal readers… I’m sooo looking forward to catching up with what I know is going to be awesome stuff!!

I will leave you with a quote instead of a poem tonight … One of my favorites of all time… I actually have it taped at my desk and read it daily! You all know, I love quotes… for me ; there’s a hidden connection to the ones I post… Those closest to me can figure it out… like a clue into my crazy mind… the best thing of quotes… words… is they hold the power to motivate!! I hope you appreciate them as much as I do… spread them when you can… take those moments to reflect… life is good when we allow it to be…






6 thoughts on “Trying to Make Time”

  1. It’s really annoying when the schedule gets hectic because this causes us to be detached from a lot of things we love to do.
    But like you’ve said, life is good when we allow it to be. Have an enjoyable hectic😜 day!

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