Detached Solitude…

Girl with Red at Stairs by Fabian Perez

Detached Solitude…

My heart pains with the injustice of your closed mind,

My eyes become spouts of despair,

My wales fill the air of thick smoke ,

My hands pull my chest as I fold deep within…
Withered, torn and broken, 

My spirit screams for self preservation,

My soul conjures specks of embers,

Dimly lit of freedoms once shared…

Loneliness has now befriended solitude,

A nectarous delight,

Honeyed flow of crimson,

My smile bleeds of another anguished demise…


4 thoughts on “Detached Solitude…”

  1. Powerful but it makes me hurt for you I want everyone to be happy all the time – I know it’s totally unrealistic but I hate to ever see anyone hurting. I’m such a mother hen and worry wart!

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