Solemn Promise



Solemn Promise


Saying all the wrong words,

Not knowing how to reconnect,

Searching for the truth of us,

Bodies once entwined with Love’s adoration,

Now rest is Desolate’s layer of his intrinsic molestation of the mind,

Suffocating the heart’s beat to a slow thump,

A thump with no life,

Only the hollowed core of an empty vessel echos of the impeding ruination of a once perfected love,

The sole truth of existence lies within Tear’s remorse as he washes away the last layer of prideful arrogance…


Wiping the tears,

No words to speak,

Weeping souls gently collide as your hand cups my chin,

Moments of silence rings with such vivification,

Eyes locked in each other’s gaze,

All anger…malice… resentment begins to fade away…


How can a love as true as the glistening sun bring such thunderous clouds?


Enslaved to our touch,

Encapsulated  to our heart’s content,

Ardent hands seek… stroke… grasp,

Passionate entanglement leads to unrestricted realms of satisfaction,

Shivering bodies rest with zealous sighs,

Silence thickens bringing the moment of self-regret…

Your embrace comforts fears of loss as you whisper… “We’re not over yet”…








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