Mi Amor 

After Hours by Mark Spain

Mi Amor  

Pensar en ti se ha convertido en mi tiempo pasado favorito,

Saboreando los momentos de perfección artística,

Trazos de entrada,

Susurros seductores,

Una verdadera adoración fundida en piedra,

Grabado a través de las mismas fibras de mi alma,

Usted se ha convertido en una fijación,

Una obsesión por este corazón codicioso,

Permentally grabado profundamente en el interior,

Te has convertido en mi aliento de vida …

My Love 

Thinking of you has become my favorite past time,

Relishing the moments of artistic perfection,

Entrancing strokes,

Alluring whispers,

A true adoration cast in stone,

Engraved through the very fibers of my soul,

You have become a fixation,

An obsession for this coveting heart,

Permanently  etched deep within,

You have become my very breath of life…


4 thoughts on “Mi Amor ”

    1. Aww thank you! Trust me; there are some poets that I read daily a that have such talent … Mine does not compare… 🤗 but thank you for reading … 😄

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