Child Abuse – A Harsh Reality for Many 

Child Abuse Laws by Matt Fiora

After carefully rummaging through a series of poems or topics I normally don’t share too much detail over; I came across a poem I’d written about child abuse. Unfortunately, this topic rings of truthful familiarities of a society driven by the selfish entitlements of self-gratification. Sharing the harshness of this troubling topic is well worth the possibility of inspiring another to bask in the comforting notion found within the tranquility of hope.

Child abuse is a topic built with many complex layers to which many people often gawk through glass windows with eyes filled with the combination of bewilderment, sympathetic remorse, anguish afflictions and curiosity. Enduring multitudes of psychological studies, theological assumptions, medicated sedation, and self -destructive behaviors; I can speak first hand of the countless moments of diminishing self-worths as well of the rebirth of self-preservation. Utilizing various techniques, accepting failed attempts, and embracing modification as a step towards understanding the dynamics of one’s self; an individual is capable of overcoming traumatic experiences of many levels.


When the fool commits evil deeds, he does not realize (their evil nature). The witless man is tormented by his own deeds, like one burnt by fire.”    Dhammapada ch 10 #136


Statistics are that of numbers; hollowly filled with observances by the most educated minds of those trying to rationalize behaviors which can never fully be understood. Humans are that of organic substance; locked in the evolutionary genius as we are capable of harnessing the internal survival instincts of renewing adaption. It’s the emotional restriction that inhibits our simple minds to fully grasp the awe empowering ability of our bodies rejuvenation of our mind and physical well being. Lying deep within our genetic code is a blueprint of our very own internal healing attributes. I must point out; every victim’s story is uniquely shaped of details only best understood by them; just as every abuser’s temptation is uniquely fueled by their own internal desires. Physical and mental abuse has a way to detach it’s victims from all rationale as it creates the wedge of separation between strength and perseverance.  Detachment from a person’s internal hidden strength can often lead an individual astray as they wander aimlessly trying to make sense of this life.

Falling deep within depression’s chambers of guilt, remorse, anger…blame; it becomes easy to victimize ourselves by continuing to inflict pain to the physical and mental self. Without the educated guidance of experienced professionals or the genuine support from those around; the journey to healing can be encumbersome to the vivacity of life.


“Things that cause people to stumble are bound to come, but woe to anyone through whom they come. It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” Luke 17:1-2 NIV


Speaking of personal triumphs; I can say Solitude’s mask is that of a veneer; carefully depicting what our unconsciousness wants to reflect. Unfortunately, triggers of many attributes can entice old wounds to bleed into our daily lives. Eroding the relationship with ourselves and others. The harsh reality is found within the many layers an individual has built to distance themselves from the traumatic event. I have found, the barely visible fractures leave this type of foundation brittle. I now fall into the group of those needing to speak, write … express the past in order to relinquish the ball of chain keeping us shackled to the residual effects of those abusive moments.




Ownership of the road which has led us to who we are today is the only true victory in appreciating our life today. Whether you like to remain an introvert or have adopted a life of socialism; life is what we choose it to be… I choose to be grounded with optimistic beliefs. I choose to view those abusive struggles as new levels of internal strengths as they fuel the ability to achieve the unachievable; love the unlovable; filling my heart with the purest form of clarity to compassion and unrestricted acceptance of another.

Please note; this is just my personal observations of my experience towards different levels of child abuse; as I mentioned; each story is written of its own truths.However, one constant remains the same from different perspectives … seeking help needs to be a constant for a victim of abuse … patients and understanding towards someone of abuse needs to tap into the compassion of all… most importantly, a call to action needs to be earnestly carried out when in the presence of any form of abuse… we just may be the defining catalyst to a life of peaceful hope or the final nail sealing the coffin to a soulful death as the victim remains trapped in the melancholy world of traumatized injustices.



Residual Hurts

I can hear his breath,

Coming down the hall,

Oh, that sound which haunts me still… his distinct scrape of his dragging right boot,

Bringing chills to my bones…
Holding my blanket tightly across my head,

Praying begging the Lord for him to lose interest,

Digging nails bring crimson streaks to my palms,

My achy fingers become numb as the hall light peaks in…
No need to cry,

No need to yell,

No need to fight,

Her drug induced silence is the chilling reminder … I’m alone…
Alone in this repetitive hell,

Sequels upon sequels to a trilogy of debilitating torments,

Chained to the vicious cycle of his demonic…animalistic appeasement,

“Monster” holds no bearing to the dreamless terrors stuck in the residual loop of malicious acts lurking in the dark…
Gritting my teeth,

Balling my fist,

His suffocating stench of whiskey smothers my face to my pillow,

I count … I recite poetic words… I scream in my head to the Lord to bring peace…
Grasping for freedom,

Fighting against the pain… my mind races to escape reality,

As if the  Lord’s angels hears my pleas…I begin to feel the icy chill against my feet,

Enjoying the melodic crunching sound as the ice breaks with each step…
Through the stillness of the night,

A flicker of light becomes my only guide,

Grazing my hands against glassy walls,

Admiring the multitude of reflections as light dances…tracing each frozen sheet…
I come to a halt … A chilling draft caresses my cheek,

Looking deep below… I see the perfected pit,

Warmed by the flicker of a flame,

Stepping off the ledge, my breath fades as I welcome Freedom’s embrace…
Induced with Solitude’s comfort,

Strengthened by Isolation’s whispers,

My heart floods of worlds found in the pages of my books,

My soul finds its own peace as the body eagerly awaits his tormenting release…
Lying stiffly,

Coldly transfixed to my secret place,

His drunken grasp begins to break,

Annoyed with my detachment… he climbs away…
His hands wrap around my childish neck,

Delivering one final menacing threat,

No streams of tears … No expressions of fear,

Just an equally measured glare screaming  the words, “ YOU HAVEN’T KILLED ME YET”
Fueled by Anger’s passion,

Driven by Hate’s prideful spite,

Using every fiber of brillo filled  scrapes,

Lost attempts wash away horrific chasms of the night …





16 thoughts on “Child Abuse – A Harsh Reality for Many ”

  1. Jenn, I don’t even know what to say after reading this post but I’ll try…I’m sooo happy you have made it thru to be here today to share this in such a truly beautiful manner!!!! One thing nobody can take from you is what’s inside your heart and soul and girl, you obviously have an abundancey of them!! I think your attitude is spot on and I will remember your quote “each story is written of its own truths” as well. Thanking you for sharing just didn’t seem adequate-glad you’re here today and willing to share and your grace and courage.

    1. 💗💗 Thank you for your kind words! They give me confidence to know it was a wise choice to go ahead and post after several minutes of hesitation… ☺

      1. Girl that took tremendous amounts of that grit and courage ya got!! I think it’s fabulous that you did post this and maybe you’ll reach that person out there and make others not feel alone or shameful as YOU should feel no one bit of anything but pride in your strong character!! I will never forget reading this!!

  2. First of all, BRAVO! Do you have any idea how much courage that took to write? Let alone and then posting it? WOW! You are so courageous. I am speechless. I can’t even breathe. I look forward to delving into your blog. I am so glad we connected. I am here for you as well. Please know that 🙂 Take care of you!

    1. Surprising … It was pretty easy for me.. A flow of words has always been my strongest skill… Its the decision to allow others into something so personal that gets me… Dealing with some ignorant comments or judgments.. But I’m glad I did share… My inbox confirms there is many looking for support … To know the struggles are real and that even as adults; the emotional struggle can still be a burden… To know they are not alone… 🤗 thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate it! 😃

  3. I was sexually abused from the age of 3 to 10 by a step uncle. My little sister and I lost our mother when I was 3 and she was 6 months.Our dad remarried immediately. In our African culture, extended family is welcome anytime…. Leading up to the abuse that I would say paralyzed me. I will be 32 this June and have sought help for years to be able to learn about forgiveness and self healing. My little sister was abused too by the same person ( something I just found out 4 years ago). I hurt for her too. Thank you for this post 💞

    1. You know my heart goes out to you. I’d be a liar if I told you that you know the journey to self healing and forgiveness was an easy one and I’d be a liar if I told you that they’re not days that I can’t stand the people from my past; but what I can tell you is that through my particular journey; I just took each minute; to each hour ; to each day at a time and on the days and I might feel at my lowest; I just do my best to focus on all the many blessings that I have in my life. My thoughts and prayers will be for you and your sister.

  4. Jenn, This is close to my heart. I was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Not many people knew that even after I told my parents. My mother wanted to sweep it under the rug and keep it quite. God Bless you for opening this blog. Thanks again for your request of the book. I will keep you updated.

    1. Thank you for reading… Yea, its a topic that I’ve struggled to share… Not so much for myself… But because many would rather not discuss it.. But if I can help someone by showing the strength in our perseverance … Than that’s what matters…💕💕💛 sorry you went through this… I don’t wish it on nobody… But your strength reflects in everything you do! I admire that! 🤗🤗

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