Recanting Notions

Tess by Fabian Perez


Recanting Notions


Just as my world takes a breath of life… shifts begin to creep, allowing the infestation of a slow demise,

Unfaltering is your imprint,

Allowing much-needed distractions to take up my time…

I hate the seconds in-between as they bring brimming tears to my eyes…



The sky becomes a frozen tundra,

No light to encourage this heart,

The wind brings no whispers of inspiration,

Just solemn sadness, crippled with frustrated pride…



Shards of glass consistently pierce each step,

A metallic frost paving the path of isolation,

Solitude brings no help this evening as the moon shines his intrinsic wrath,

If only Father Time would turn his damn clock back…



As time persist, my pride becomes fuel to wipe these un-spilt tears away,

Sipping the red, despondency is now an anguished bloom,

Impressions of euphoric melatonin ripples,

Endeavors to avoid conceptions of you…



Hoping the obscurities of the night will fall on a dreamless mind …

Never should have tipped my toes in tranquil waters,

As my stinger still remains poisonous to anything of beauty,

At this point, it remains evident; my efforts will always remain deleterious to anything in their paths….


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