Sensual Whims


Skin Deep by Stefan Kuhn AKA Steve K




Sensual Whims


Shimmering eyes,

Soft caress,

Silky embrace,

Yearning to undress…



Delicate fingers,

Curious hands,

Velvety touch,

A Lustrous clutch…


Petaled whispers,

Liquorish enticed,

Lollied wisps,

A tongues delight…


Feverish pants,

Erotic sighs,

Electric strokes,

Magnetic thighs…


Polar eclipse,

Latitudes twist,

Longitudes stretch,

A sensual bliss…


Budding flowers,

Shades of exotics,

Colorful blooms,

A pinnacle so hypnotic …


Sonnets with no words,

Reprise of  no tune,

Two hearts beating down all barriers,

Reflecting a love of multiple layers…


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