What’s in this Love??

Whispers In My Ear by Stefan Kuhn aka Steve K

What’s in this Love??

What’s in his kiss?

A solemn promise of simplistic bliss,

A notion of sweet hellos,

A friendly gesture of moments missed…



What’s in his caress?

Electric pulses of loves devotion,

Enticing allurement of relinquished admiration,

Seductive notions of anticipated entanglements…



What’s in his eyes?

Linguistic dialect of the soul’s unspoken words,

Melodic strums from the heart,

The rawest form of passion capable of seizing time itself…



What’s in us??

A chaotic rift defying all odds,

Starlet wonders of silvery lumens; twirling to the furthest of depths,

A tranquil placidity bound by love’s shackles, perfectly forged by Hephaestus himself…



With us…

There is no end,

Two opposites magnetically charged to find each other over …and over again,

The way the sun needs the shine,

The way the mist needs the rain,
Just like the  moon begging for the light,

Just how the day must always kiss the night…

This is a love of harmonic shifts,

Enticing, igniting, provoking even the most dormant of hearts,

Unyielding to Anemoi’s wrath,

Unfaltering to Hecate’s allures,

A love so rare,

A love uniquely fused,

Perfectly in sync with its own bellowing beat,

A love that can only be shared between him and me…


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