Creeping Mist

Mist .jpg

Creeping Mist


Thickening mist,

Creeping shadows,

Sweaty fist,

A hammering heart’s bellows,

I look back…


I don’t see danger,

I don’t meet fear,

But, I know … somebody’s here…


Quickened steps,

Shorter breaths,

Roaming eyes,

Catching slivering shadows to my sides,

My mind races of a looming demise…


I hear danger,

I sense my fear,

But, I looked… nobody’s here…


Watery eyes,

A choking throat,

Quivering lips,

Perspiration continuously drips,

My imagination drifts…


Once again, I look…


Engulfed by the mist,

My vision is lost,

I hear a traveling whisper,

Sending shivers through my spine,

Stinging fist,

Crimson drips,

I now realize, my very hand welcomed my own demise…


30 thoughts on “Creeping Mist”

      1. That’s good to hear☺🙃☺🌼 this is definitely the season where the sun shines the brightest!

    1. 🤗 thank you… So I just responded that I hadn’t posted photos but that’s a lie.. I took this photo and ran through touch ups.. And of my dogs ☺

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