Vacillate Hesitations



Neon Sunset by Axiom Design 


 Vacillate Hesitations


Floating mirrors of reflective lumens,

What flickers of purity in the darkest hours?

Starlet hues entices the aperture of the eye,

Like a hawk captive to its prey…

Biting dilation burningly seduces the eyes to seek,




Angled intrusions of shadowing curiosity,

What lies beneath the hidden surface?

Fear of the unknown crippling each step,

Like sand quickened with water…

Sludging compost cementing each foot,




Eagerness throbs the temple for a look,

What do the eyes reveal?

Unswervingly, the path to change lies ahead,

Pebbled, jagged; difficult in nature…

Forging ahead; overcoming the minds defeat; only leads to the perfected dream… a life so immensely felicitous.











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