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You were the one,

To bring so much light…

You were the one,

I longed for through the night…

A pedestal you sat,

Pristine with beauty…

With intriguing awe I stood,

But you failed to notice me…



14 thoughts on “Unnoticed”

    1. Yes… And many look for something great but fail to realize … Its in front of of them..
      Searching for the impossible perfection…❤❤

    1. Awwww thank you🤗 I think it happens more than we think! Society has a way to impose it’s version of perfection on us and sometimes we miss what’s right in front of us…always. Looking from side to side… Scanning but failing to grasp the bigger picture…a gem hidden in a tattered box…make sense?

  1. There are many that see you in the same light and long for you through the night. For those of us that have the pleasure of reading your work, we see and feel your beauty🌹

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