Candied Memories

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Candied Memories

Cheeks speckle with a moistened graze,

I extend my hand out…to the sky, my palms raise.

A moments pause…do walk or do I haste?

Rustling leaves dance with a boisterous breeze…bringing those playful, candied memories.

To the sky my arms fly…stretched wide just like the Cardenal’s flight…

Twirling , splashing, my heart basking in your memory’s delight…

My soul cries every night…wishing for one more day to hold you tight…

To rock you slowly,

To kiss your brow,

To stroke your cheek,

To whisper how much you mean to me…

To see you grin the moment I begin,

To sing your sweet love song as I tuck you in…

But I do enjoy these day’s…

When the world seems to fade,

Your sweet hellos through the suns flowers ,

Your sweet kisses from the winds gentle trace…

My heart will continue to yearn for you until we meet in that special place….



Flowers by JennM



This poem is a bit personal for me… You see back in 2002; my little girl was taken home to heaven. I miss her dearly and it is only now , so many years later that I can say I enjoy the memories I have… This is in reference to a moment in time, when she was watching a cardinal outside the window…he was tip toeing along the grass. I took her outside and of course he flew…she looked up and raised her hands from her crawl … Seeing her on her knees reaching so high is always going to be engraved in my heart. The joy she expressed through her beautiful eyes…no words will ever do to describe the flutter a parents heart endures when they witness a vision of the purity of awe and wonder.



Droplets by JennM



It began to drizzle and she looked to her palms with eyes of wondrous exploration. Naturally I wanted to rush her in; but I sat there on the grass frozen. As the rain quickened , she laughed so beautifully. As I write this … I can hear her song imploding from within my heart. I can’t help but giggle myself. We sat there and we played…I knew we were on borrowed time and as her mother; I wanted to giver her everything …to see her smile, learn…grow. I never told anyone this memory. It was our moment… It is special. But something compelled me to share this evening. As you all know… I write according to what has moved my heart at the time… So, I leave you with a personal request….



“Remember to share love; invoke smiles; laugh with the joy of life but more importantly… Rest in the moment. They become the sweet ledger of a life beautifully lived ” JennM

Cardinal by JennM

7 thoughts on “Candied Memories”

  1. Oh Jenn, I have tears streaming down my cheeks. You have shared such beautiful memories of your little angel. My words feel inadequate. I’m so sorry. I’m glad you were able to live your quote. Your life ledger is more precious for it. ❤️

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