Selective Layers 

Blue Rabbit ll ~Lucy by Fabian Perez

Selective Layers 

Walking the walk

Shifting my talk

A devilish laugh I give

You think you know

Deciphering clues I’ve shown

Yet, you only learn what I choose to give

Unless your worthy

Unless my heart shifts

Just stop, your never gonna know this

Don’t sum me up

Don’t put me in a box

You’ll ever keep me trapped with that flimsy little lock


19 thoughts on “Selective Layers ”

  1. Jen, this was wonderful and heartfelt. I feel the veracity of your words. I am imagining that this was written for someone. And in my imagination, I imagine the recipient deserved them and then some. Hehe! See? You’re writing always resonates with me!

    Hope all is well, sweets. Missing you. 🌹

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