Blank to the Eye


Hide & Seek by Lauri Blank




Blank to the Eye


With simple words, my heart lifts beyond your peering scope…

Beyond the horizon, lost in tranquil blues and pinks…your eyes fixated of the beautiful haze…

Peace knocks…but do you answer? Your cell rings and you fumble to hellos…

How am I different you ask over and over …


Let me break it down to the most basic of forms,


I live in each moment; relishing the delightful sweets and its bitter tonics,

I smile so brightly; the sun beams of envy,

I love with such intense passion; the moon can’t help but fervently covet every notion,


Embracing the soul’s sensuality; as it connects beyond cosmic pandemonium, luring the hearts desires,

Allowing the inner me to rift through the enticements of harmonic chaos…

Breathing life to the purest form of self-acceptance…


A reflection of me is that of a blank canvas…

Bleak…plain… with nothing of substance to the naked eye;

But if I let you look closely….

A magnificent masterpiece sits awaiting your peering wonderment,

Perfectly depicting hidden stories untold, Escapades of the heart’s content,

Captured in hues of glory, igniting the ember ruins of old pillared chambers,

Each with its own secrets whispered with each breath…

All yielded by the brush of Emotion’s stroke shifting in that of a blink…

Of course, this all comes with its own stipulation…

…That is if I choose to allow you to know the real me….



18 thoughts on “Blank to the Eye”

  1. Jenn, this is such a wonderful piece. I was swept away while reading it! I wonder about the last sentence… To attain a truly transcendent experience is to be swept away and requires the revelation of your inner world to another and loss of control. It also means risking the fall. Anything short of that leaves an unfulfilled void that calls to you for fulfillment. Just a passing thought 😘

    1. Yes, you are correct on many levels!…always tapping into my inner desires I see😉….I do want to share …the problem is that most are still blinded by their own ambitions that I tend to offer little to no effort…maybe that’s my biggest flaw…lack of trust…but if history has a tendency to repeat itself…then there are times when I’d rather not go through the same cycle…solitude and isolation is not necessarily a bad thing…just allows for the reset…speaking for myself…trust is hard to give for me…but when I do…I trust completely and become completely free…no barriers …. 💖

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