Shades of Depression: My Journey #2

Whisper breeze

Clapping leaves

Chirping birds among the trees

The song of life means the world to me…

After a long night of restless sleep; I was pleasantly surprised to wake with smile. Has that ever happened to you? When you fall asleep with a scornful frown from the headache of that day but wake with a smile for no apparent reason. That was me today. Maybe it was from the fun weekend I had catching up with a special someone that I havent seen in 3 years or visiting with family from out of town. Maybe it was from the fun evening I had with family that I haven’t seen in ages and the way they welcomed me with open arms…

Whatever the case may be…the feeling of renewing optimism seems to be taking hold. The past is not of importance today, the future will just have to wait…something tells me to enjoy this moment. Be attentive to those I surround myself with and embrace the smiles shared.

Smiles…they are wonderfully given. Some of the best smiles I have received have been from total strangers. A while back, I was shopping at the outlets with my family. I noticed my knee was bothering me again, so I chose to sit on the bench outside the store to rest. Soon after, a woman, well over my senior, came to sit next to me.

Trees from Rio Vista Park by Jenn M

She chuckled and said…”your knee got the best of you too?” I smiled and said, “yes,ma’am”. She further explains that she had seen me in a few stores back and noticed I was limping a bit. She also said, she could tell I was wincing but smiled assuring the kids that I was good. Allowing them to shop freely.

Her observation surprised me. I explained how it has been a while since I was able to take them shopping with the stack of medical bills that never seizes to stop piling up. I remember it feeling so easy to talk with her. We ultimately chatted for about 15 minutes but it felt like hours. She expressed her need to keep spending time with her grandbabies and how everyday was a new opportunity to say  “I love you” to the ones we love.

I talk to many people but seldom do I meet a stranger that speaks with such genuine sincerity. To meet someone to be openly honest and content with life is very inspiring. Surprisingly enough, we chatted about everything from family moments, gardening to our favorite books but we never exchanged names. Yet, it seems like every so often, on days like today, her shimmering blue eyes and her sweet smile seems to remind me …. Today, is a new opportunity to say, “I love you” to my loved ones. Smile and laugh with those around me and above all, embrace each moment. Be present versus being distracted with social media or the constant search for greener pastures. Take a moment to water my own grass and one day it will be the best shade of green….

Spring Grass by Jenn M

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