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Gentle snaps of a chilling wind,

Your embrace is where my heart chooses to rest in…
Strength of comfort on this briskfull day,

Leaning ever so closely,  swaying each other’s way…
Gentle words of courtship banter,

Mocking grins of our next encounter…
Simplistic truths of limitless passion,

Enjoying the excuse for love with a youthful fashion…
Giggling bubbles of anticipateing strokes,

Amorous wispers your promising eyes invoke…


 Ama la reflexión : Loves Reflection

Ama la reflexión

Doy la bienvenida al beso de lunas esta noche, 

Su calma de silencio,

La paz que da la bienvenida,

Su engatusamiento para reflexionar de su belleza interior…
Amo su sonrisita de una risa,

Sus palabras suaves de autenticidad,

Amo la vivacidad de vida que baila en sus ojos; como ellos pliegan con sonrisas divertidas,

Sus talentos de creatividad; cuando esto va de puntillas hacia las cúspides de la felicidad armónica perfeccionada…
Las profundidades de usted; de manera intrigante exploro,

El gozo del viaje que maneja una brújula que revolotea,

La curiosidad de su desconocido me guarda intransigente a este camino,

Como la playa en nuestro cristal de hora; el tiempo nunca se cesa a faulter,
Ya que el amor de nuestros noviazgos interminables permanece después de todos estos años…

Loves Reflection

I welcome the moons kiss tonight, 

His stillness of silence,

The welcoming peace,

His coaxing to reflect of your inner beauty…
I love your chuckle of a laughter,

Your gentle words of authenticity,

I love the vivacity of life dancing in your eyes; just as they crease with amusing smiles,

Your talents of creativity ; as it tiptoes towards the cusps of perfected harmonic bliss…
The depths of you; I intriguingly explore,

Enjoyng the journey wielding a fluttering compass,

Curiosity of your unknown keeps me intransigent to this path,

Like the sands in our hour glass; time never ceases to faulter,
For the love of our endless courtships remains after all these years… 

Mi Amor 

After Hours by Mark Spain

Mi Amor  

Pensar en ti se ha convertido en mi tiempo pasado favorito,

Saboreando los momentos de perfección artística,

Trazos de entrada,

Susurros seductores,

Una verdadera adoración fundida en piedra,

Grabado a través de las mismas fibras de mi alma,

Usted se ha convertido en una fijación,

Una obsesión por este corazón codicioso,

Permentally grabado profundamente en el interior,

Te has convertido en mi aliento de vida …

My Love 

Thinking of you has become my favorite past time,

Relishing the moments of artistic perfection,

Entrancing strokes,

Alluring whispers,

A true adoration cast in stone,

Engraved through the very fibers of my soul,

You have become a fixation,

An obsession for this coveting heart,

Permanently  etched deep within,

You have become my very breath of life…

Detached Solitude…

Girl with Red at Stairs by Fabian Perez

Detached Solitude…

My heart pains with the injustice of your closed mind,

My eyes become spouts of despair,

My wales fill the air of thick smoke ,

My hands pull my chest as I fold deep within…
Withered, torn and broken, 

My spirit screams for self preservation,

My soul conjures specks of embers,

Dimly lit of freedoms once shared…

Loneliness has now befriended solitude,

A nectarous delight,

Honeyed flow of crimson,

My smile bleeds of another anguished demise…

Trying to Make Time



So, I have been meaning to get online and catch up on my reading and to drop a few lines… Time just gets away from me when I least expect it. This week has been crazy busy… doing a little freelance work… speaking to lawyers for the issue with worker’s compensation… school… to be honest… life in general has been hectic.

I try to stay focused but lately ; I just can’t. I’m not sure if its because of the new workload or if it’s just the meds I take… Either way, some days I wish I was as smart as Doogie Howser and as efficient as Jarvis from iron man…

Well, on a positive note… I just created a FB account to watch an artist live. I never did have an account because everyone I know gets into sooo much drama but I have had the privilege to catch up with old friends… make new connections and watch the live streaming of my favorite group right now… I’m sure you know who that is since I tend to post videos… In case you do not know; its Kewin Cosmos… Who will be dropping his new track on March 10… Keep a look out because I will be posting that soon!

On a side note… I have been getting better at my sketches… I even have a couple that I’m working on slowly so they can be perfect… well, as perfect as they can be…  I think I’m at 7 portraits so far and 4 drawings of random concepts.

Big news… I’m taking a trip back to Chicago! The only place that ever felt like home as I moved so much when I was little… I will be taking the 15 hour drive Wednesday morning and trust I will be doing lots of reading on the way! So, my loyal readers… I’m sooo looking forward to catching up with what I know is going to be awesome stuff!!

I will leave you with a quote instead of a poem tonight … One of my favorites of all time… I actually have it taped at my desk and read it daily! You all know, I love quotes… for me ; there’s a hidden connection to the ones I post… Those closest to me can figure it out… like a clue into my crazy mind… the best thing of quotes… words… is they hold the power to motivate!! I hope you appreciate them as much as I do… spread them when you can… take those moments to reflect… life is good when we allow it to be…





Fettered Love 

Fettered Love


Anarchism plagues the mind,

Anguished torment of words unsaid,

Perspectives blinded by false glamor of  conformity,



You fight it …but I know you,

You want me … knowing I need you,

I’ll take the blame!  I’ll put up the fight!

My love… I just need you to be mine …



Barbwire fences of restricted segregation,

Shackles of Oppression’s moralist,

Inebriating lyrics singing sorrowful deaths of us,



You fight it …but I know you,

You want me … knowing I need you,

I’ll take the blame!  I’ll put up the fight !

Baby, let’s just leave tonight…



I want to live for you,

Souls connected beyond time,

Feeling your pain, Feeling your dreams,  Ceasing the tears within your eyes,
You fight it …but I know you,

You want me … knowing I need you,

I’ll take the blame! I’ll put up the fight!

Only our entwined embrace can end this chaotic torture of the mind !!!

Abating Love


Awakening by Loui Jover


Abating Love 


I don’t know what to do,

But, I do know you,

I don’t know what to say,

But typical, you always act this way,


When I doubt me,

You always, prove true,

When I trust,

You remind me, why I started to hate you,


I thought I could forgive,

But the site of you makes me sick,

I thought I could believe,

But your truth, I’ve never seen,


You are my constant,

A burden with no filter,

You are my constant,

A mask of shameful bitter,


I don’t know why,

But, you were always a thorn to my side,

I don’t know how,

But, you need to get the fuck out,


Out of my mind, as you rot it with despair,

Out of my eyes, as you burned them with acidic tears,

Out of skin, as your touch numbed the senses of sensuality,

Out of my breath, as it is now of you; toxic fumes,

Out of my heart, as you have driven it cold,

Out of my soul, as it has been eagerly waiting, to finally let you go,


Loui Jover