Inspirational Art

Art has the power to move the soul. Reflections which lie just below what our what or simple eyes can see. Artist has a way to see beyond this layer. Transfixed in a moment in time; masterpieces ripple across overcoming all restricted boundaries. The beauty lies within the flow of movement; the stillness of thought; radiant colors; collected memories of muted tones; internal messages to which the eye of the beholder must decipher; dreams of the deepest desires; all of which are fueled by an artist’s genetic makeup as it urges them to create their very existence to beauty.

This page will be dedicated to the many artists to which I have come to know and many of times collaborate with for unique pieces, for my own personal pleasure. I will be adding to this page at least once a week providing their bio, imagery as well as a link to connect to their world of artistic vision.

Enjoying The Joyful Chaos of Life

Passionate storms within

Storms hold passion, passion carries the storm

Cory Melancon




The Hungover Owls

We create magic out of words


Traveller, Writer, Foodie and a very Curious mind.


Respect the views of world and the world will respect you.

Writes With Pencils

fiction, memoir, essays and poetry

marlene lee art

Contemporary, Impressionistic fine art paintings

cliocult...Muse your brain!

Looking to have a brainchild? Put your little grey cells in the mood with a glimpse at the classics; movies, fashion, art, literature and people that make your brain swoon!

Mostly drawing

Daily sketching from life, based in Bath, UK


Authors & Illustrators Wild About Kidlit!


Just Stuff

Art Veronica

intrigued by the unknown in our lives


a picture a day - no exceptions (c) yours truly

365 dni w obiektywie LG

365 days a lens LG


when those moments meet love, when those feelings spark the inner sense of touch, when that affection holds onto her thoughts, the soul urges for her presence.

Pradeep CE

Passionate programmer, web developer, motorcycle enthusiast, book lover, aspiring writer and wanna-be entrepreneur :)

Ballentine-Spence House

Historical Landmark

Tea with Ruby

Blogger / Stylist /Freelance Writer / Interior Demon / Image Devourer

The Random Blog of Irreverent Thoughts

You may be inspired, you may be offended, you may be interested.


What would you choose?

Amitav Chowdhury

Facets of Life- Poetry, Words of Motivation, Philosophy, and Literature

Ancient Skies

poetry, fiction, nature, culture, compassion, love

Barefoot Pagan Life

Trials & Tribulations of a Cottage Witch

My Sword and Shield....

A few thoughts.....


Myriad thoughts. One DropBox.

Originated by Lisa Marino~1995-present

"Non ducor duco" ~ I am not led; I lead

Novelty Revisions

Putting ideas into words.

A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave

Living, Fighting, Thriving. Till I Collapse.

Everlasting Smile Wisdom

Be the reason for million smiles but never be a reason for even a single grudge

Cream of the Planet

Sensual, Thoughtful, and Very Naughty

Poetry of M

Evermore A Heart Spiller


"Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence "


Life is short..... but it's long enough to make you forget.....that it doesn't last for ever!

Orlando Espinosa

Keep it Simple!

That Gut Wrenching Poetry

Feelings on paper


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Miles from our home

Somewhere on the road...