Besos : Kisses


If I Die in Your Arms Tonight by Stefan Kuhn aka Steve K 




Dame un beso,

Mi única verdadera debilidad … Mi musa,

Para la vida de los deseos,

La estrella más allá de mi alcance,

Una luz que brilla tan brillante …

No hay voz de nada dulce,

Deseosas canciones de un amor tan rico,

Tan llena de vida …

En la oscuridad más espesa, he estado esperando Un vistazo de la luz,

Una ardiente concepción de tu dulce beso, Un dulce recuerdo de lo que he perdido …




Give me a kiss,
My one true weakness… My muse,
For the life of desires,
The star beyond my reach,
A light that shines so bright…
No voice of sweet nothings,
Wishful songs of a love so rich,
So full of life…
In thickest of dark, I’ve been waiting for
A glimpse of light,
A burning conception of your sweet kiss,
A sweet remembrance of what I have missed…


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You were the one,

To bring so much light…

You were the one,

I longed for through the night…

A pedestal you sat,

Pristine with beauty…

With intriguing awe I stood,

But you failed to notice me…


Vacillate Hesitations



Neon Sunset by Axiom Design 


 Vacillate Hesitations


Floating mirrors of reflective lumens,

What flickers of purity in the darkest hours?

Starlet hues entices the aperture of the eye,

Like a hawk captive to its prey…

Biting dilation burningly seduces the eyes to seek,




Angled intrusions of shadowing curiosity,

What lies beneath the hidden surface?

Fear of the unknown crippling each step,

Like sand quickened with water…

Sludging compost cementing each foot,




Eagerness throbs the temple for a look,

What do the eyes reveal?

Unswervingly, the path to change lies ahead,

Pebbled, jagged; difficult in nature…

Forging ahead; overcoming the minds defeat; only leads to the perfected dream… a life so immensely felicitous.










When does planning become too much?




Wow, what a day. Just as I think the day was set in stone to be another hectic day; I get relief with the stillness of my lens and my besties… My Yorkie Edward and my mother’s Jasmine aka Jazzy. Today, we had some cancellations which were a huge blessing. This week’s schedule was very hectic although I did manage to hit the trails a couple of times.

As rocky of a relationship my mother and I have; I do enjoy spending time with her these days. I would like to think it is because I’m not that mean of a person to hold on to grudges but in reality; it’s the human compassion I naturally tap into when I see or hear of someone going through struggling times. I mentioned in my last post that this can be such a blessing or it can by my kryptonite. Over obligating myself dry… Well, there is truth in that but today; I realized it’s a balance of sort that I personally need to have.



You see, as much as I like the notion of having a day with literally nothing to do… I don’t think I’m genetically prone to enjoy it. It’s my nature to have a backup plan for my backup plan …With this being said, I have to plan everything. There needs to be a reason or order to whatever I’m doing…

Which brings me back to my question, “When does planning become too much?” I jokingly laugh to myself as I type tonite because of so many concepts raceing through my mind right now. The balance of planning and going with the flow has been a difficult thing for me to master these days. I want to say it started once I decided to work from home. It’s funny because of a few months back I was very frustrated with the reality of my limited mobility and now… I fell in love with the freedom to pick my own day.  The issue I have bumped into is how it allows time for more distractions to take hold…


“Embracing the sun, 

Kissing the wind,

Peals of laughter unfold inspirations from deep within”

– JennM


So, after careful thought and consideration; I have decided to use the word “no” more this upcoming week. With the wonderful prospects for new employment opportunities filling me with anticipation; I will not over book myself. I just wrapped up 3 clients today and I have decided to take a break from contacting the new recommendations. I grin at this notion because; this is the hardest for me.  You see, helping others create their bios; or map out their strategic marketing plan or even getting lost in the financials of a local mom and pop business as an effort to help them stay in the green and recoup any losses they have incurred or preventing potential issues; has been solidified as a daily habit.

My day is filled with emails, text, calls all day. When I’m not busy physically doing something; I’m outlining a proposal or catching up on emails etc. So aside, from the scheduled appointments, I already have; I will not be scheduling anything else. The goal is not to eliminate all activity from my day. It’s more of an effort to slow it down enough to find a solution… a balance to work and life. Make an effort for more laughs and more moments of resounding relaxation! Oh, I just pictured a hammock gently rocking in the wind as it dances to distant waves rolling onto the shore… looking around at the walls in my room right now… Yes, relaxation is the key for this next week! I’m not sure what the outcome will be but I do hope that it allows less insomnia filled nights or reducing the constant ticking of to-do lists rolling in my head on a continuous loop… Wish me luck!


“Feathered dancers, 

Whistling chimes,

Whimsical flutters, 

Mother Nature’s exquisite design…”





Creeping Mist

Mist .jpg

Creeping Mist


Thickening mist,

Creeping shadows,

Sweaty fist,

A hammering heart’s bellows,

I look back…


I don’t see danger,

I don’t meet fear,

But, I know … somebody’s here…


Quickened steps,

Shorter breaths,

Roaming eyes,

Catching slivering shadows to my sides,

My mind races of a looming demise…


I hear danger,

I sense my fear,

But, I looked… nobody’s here…


Watery eyes,

A choking throat,

Quivering lips,

Perspiration continuously drips,

My imagination drifts…


Once again, I look…


Engulfed by the mist,

My vision is lost,

I hear a traveling whisper,

Sending shivers through my spine,

Stinging fist,

Crimson drips,

I now realize, my very hand welcomed my own demise…

What’s in this Love??

Whispers In My Ear by Stefan Kuhn aka Steve K

What’s in this Love??

What’s in his kiss?

A solemn promise of simplistic bliss,

A notion of sweet hellos,

A friendly gesture of moments missed…



What’s in his caress?

Electric pulses of loves devotion,

Enticing allurement of relinquished admiration,

Seductive notions of anticipated entanglements…



What’s in his eyes?

Linguistic dialect of the soul’s unspoken words,

Melodic strums from the heart,

The rawest form of passion capable of seizing time itself…



What’s in us??

A chaotic rift defying all odds,

Starlet wonders of silvery lumens; twirling to the furthest of depths,

A tranquil placidity bound by love’s shackles, perfectly forged by Hephaestus himself…



With us…

There is no end,

Two opposites magnetically charged to find each other over …and over again,

The way the sun needs the shine,

The way the mist needs the rain,
Just like the  moon begging for the light,

Just how the day must always kiss the night…

This is a love of harmonic shifts,

Enticing, igniting, provoking even the most dormant of hearts,

Unyielding to Anemoi’s wrath,

Unfaltering to Hecate’s allures,

A love so rare,

A love uniquely fused,

Perfectly in sync with its own bellowing beat,

A love that can only be shared between him and me…

Why do I help??

“Virtue is relative to the actions and ages of each of us in all that we do.” – Plato


So , today I wanted to touch base with a concept that has been the defining catalyst to many choices I have been making lately. At times it can be of great pleasure but in others; i’m left cleaning up a mess or feeling overwhelmed with too much to do. I have this habit I guess; to help others even when I know they will not help themselves… I see that they are who they are and set in their ways but when they need me… there I go … helping them despite my better judgment.

What drives us to push forward everyday? It is 10PM and I am just starting to take a moment for myself. As normal as this concept is… it’s really a joke. I will be cleaning up the house in a few minutes… tending to the animals… checking in on my in-laws and now my mother… making sure they took their meds… will probably hit the shower again around 11:45ish and won’t officially lay down until around 12:30ish…followed by me staring up at the ceiling wishing for sleep to settle… I guess that is why I relish the days that I can escape from the world a bit.

Albert Pine

Turning off my phone… dropping out of pocket… there are times when solitude is my peace. I know many would argue that it is not rational for a person to want to be left alone all the time but when the hell did it become rational to run ourselves dry… staying on that hamster wheel? When I was a kid; I remember the elders siting at the table drinking coffee with the front door open. I used to lay out on the porch with a pillow and blankets and just stare up at the trees… it was  nice. Peacefully still as I listened to the trees speak . Even now I can remember having such an imagination. Dreaming of having a life just as sweet.

These days; I see myself slipping back into the old routine. Hustle and bustle all day, everyday. The more it happens; the more I retreat back into my perfect pit of isolation. Laughing to myself; I just pictured myself as a crazy old lady! Just like that movie Grumpy Old Men… The truth is…Even though I see this habit resurfacing; I can’t stop it. I don’t get back to the people who call or message me. I don’t call or message those that I do genuinely want to speak to.

Princess Diana

Its almost as if  the very notion to pressing the buttons is too daunting. Like my arms are so heavy with responsibility that It’s getting difficult to see the optimistic inspiration around me… rationally my mind speaks to me of what to do but I just can’t seem to do it these days… I guess i’m just tired… you know I read a quote the other day in reference to creating a life worth being in versus always planning that vacation… Please if you have the secret remedy ; i’d love to know. Sure, I know some of you will email and tell me to learn to say “no” but what I can say is that, it is soo much easier said than done.  Who will tend to my mother who just had stroke… who will listen to my in-laws concerns when their kids are too busy to do so.. maybe it boils down to the fact that I know all to well that feeling of loneliness… questioning your very existence … accepting heartache and frustration just to know your alive…

When I see them; I see people of struggle. They lived a colorful life and now they need to feel that unconditional grace. Can I say that it’s not difficult when all the negative memories come flooding back; no, but what I can say is, that I hope when I can no longer tend to myself because of early Alzheimer’s  disease or when the simple task of walking needs assistance; I hope someone has compassion for me. Even if they now my darkest of flaws; that they choose to forgive me for my iniquities and help me should I need it. So, despite my frustrated rants… I will welcome the busy day again and hope what effort I put in brightens their world a bit. Hope the laughs we share are enough to bring them peace in the wee hours of the night… that they feel the love and appreciation I have for them despite any failures they may have had… To find comfort in knowing that I will always be here even when their pride doesn’t allow them to ask…


“No one is useless in this world who lighten the burdens of another ” – Charles Dickens 

Enjoying The Joyful Chaos of Life

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